The Titans

The Titans The Kent Family Chronicles continue as abolitionist Jeptha Kent and his sons find themselves on opposite sides of the Civil War

  • Title: The Titans
  • Author: John Jakes
  • ISBN: 9780451213471
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Titans

    The Kent Family Chronicles continue as abolitionist Jeptha Kent and his sons find themselves on opposite sides of the Civil War.

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    One thought on “The Titans

    1. Marilyn

      Amanda has died, Louis has grown up and married, Michael is worried about Louis' unlimited spending, Jephtha's wife has divorced him because of his stand against slavery, and he's now working for the Kent Union Newspaper (having been kicked out of his itinerant ministry because of his stand) out of Washington (D.C.), not having seen his 3 sons for 5 or 6 years now. Jephtha's ex has married an actor (a despicable calling in those days) and Lincoln is in office. Fort Sumter is fired on thus start [...]

    2. Thom Swennes

      Discontent spreads across the country that fought and won their independence a few short generations earlier. The fourth Kent generation lives and fights in the war that threatened to tear their country apart forever. Individual members of family dynasties often differ greatly in looks, intellect and morals. Amanda Kent was a strong but just woman. Unfortunately she past only the first of these traits to her son Louis and it will force long standing family friends to try to set him onto the path [...]

    3. Brent Soderstrum

      Volume 5 of the Kent Family Chronicles covers the early years of the civil war from both sides. Father a reporter from the North who despises slavery and a son from the South who wants the states to be able to choose for themselves. Jakes does a good job covering the confusion and gore of the battles. The South was winning the early battles but based on resources and sheer numbers the North winning was inevitable. Treachery thrown in from both sides also. Louis sells goods from the North to the [...]

    4. Dick Edwards

      In this, book 5 of the Kent family chronicles, the story begins with the election of 1860. A Kent father/son (Jeptha Kent/Gideon Kent) end up on opposite sides. At book's end, it is 31 May 1862. Gideon and Molly have daughter born that day, which they subsequently named Eleanor. General Joe Johnston received a serious wound, and was replaced by REL. The latter’s reputation had suffered due to some losses in the Valley the previous year. Gideon’s father, Jeptha, had smuggled some money to him [...]

    5. Tara Hall

      I read books 2-7 of this series in the last weeks of Feb 2013. While I liked the continuation of the family name through each generation, I could have done without every single important female of the Kent family being raped, sometimes repeatedly. They no sooner got power and money than they lost it, and family members ran the gamut from good to brilliant to corrupt to sleazy to fierce to insane to bloodthirsty. Lots of historical info, also, which made the story more real and interesting. But I [...]

    6. Allyson

      John Jakes' reputation for historical accuracy, his writing style, and the story he tells of the fictional Kent family combine to makes the entire 8-volume family saga absolutely wonderful. Reading this series was key in getting me "hooked" on the historical-fiction genre.

    7. Richard Brownell

      This fifth volume of the John Jakes series takes the Kent family into the early months of the Civil War. And no historical saga of an American family is complete unless it finds members of that family on both sides of the War Between the States. Considering the scope of each of the four volumes that preceded this one, I expected more to happen within these 630 pages. Instead, we focus almost exclusively on the first six months of the war, including the election of Abraham Lincoln and the battle [...]

    8. Jennifer

      This novel about the Kent family focuses on the impending and start of the American Civil War. Here readers find that Louis Kent is beginning to take control of the Kent family businesses, has married, and is a part of the upper society of New York City. Jeptha is working in Washington City (D.C.) as a reporter for the Kent newspaper the New York Union and Jeptha’s sons remain in the southern states though they are growing up and moving out of their mother’s household. The oldest son of Jept [...]

    9. Mike

      This, the fifth of the Kent Family Chronicles will probably be my last. I think Jakes was losing interest round about this point. If he had stuck to the minuscule side story about how businessmen ripped off both sides in the Civil War, it would have been much more interesting, but instead we get the old "War is Hell" trope. Still,well written withal.

    10. Tanja

      The 5th book of the Kent Family Chronicles follows the Kents through the Civil War, with the family decided due to their idiologies. Young Gideon Kent, a soldier of the Confederacy, is initially eager to fight but learns quickly there is no glory in this war.

    11. David Marshall

      Interesting story with just a bit too many contrived circumstances. Fans of other books by Sawyer will enjoy this one too.

    12. Diana

      The Titans is the fifth book in the Kent Family Chronicles, a wildly popular eight book series that my parents read in the 70s. The Kent Family Chronicles tell the story of the Kent Family (obviously!) and its journey from Europe in the mid 1700s, through 1877. The Titans focused exclusively on the months leading up to the Civil War, and the first year of battles, 1860 through 1862.There are three intermingled stories in The Titans. The first is that of Michael Boyle, a trusted advisor and frien [...]

    13. Samyann

      These comments address The Kent Family Chronicles, the entire series of eight books, in audiobook format. All books are narrated by Marc Vietor. The entire series is approximately 125 hours of listening. Shortest book is 15.5 hours, longest over 26 hours. Vietor does a good job with narration, although the uniqueness of male voices is problematic. Most significant, you’ll have little difficulty determining who-says-what-to-who. Tempo and pacing fine, albeit the narration is a bit slow for my t [...]

    14. LemonLinda

      This is another of the great books of the Kent Family Chronicles, an eight book historical perspective of life in America from Revolutionary days through the 1800s. This particular one is the first of the two Civil War novels in this series. I had previously read all of the books of the series as they were published in the mid 1970s in recognition of America's Bicentennial around the time that they were published. I decided to reread the two Civil War books as part of a historical fiction challe [...]

    15. Lynn

      Ah, the Civil War. This was the first book I read in the series, and possibly my favorite. Lots of detail about Lincoln and Lee and the political situation. Very entertaining, and with a character--Gideon Kent--who lasts through the rest of the series. Although a Southerner, he's a decent man. Never owned any slaves, of course (he was too young).I can't help but wonder if Jakes was Southern. Even though there's plenty of moralizing about civil rights and the evils of slavery and the like, he sti [...]

    16. Denise

      The Kent family is torn apart as the strife of the Civil War pits a father against his sons. Jephtha Kent is on the side of the Unionhis ex-wife and three sons live in the South and favor the Confederacy. This Kent saga expertly dwells on the patriotic lingo used by governments and their citizens to whip up hatred against their perceived "enemies". What was true during the months running up to the start of the Civil War is still true today. The "other side" of armed conflicts are depicted as evi [...]

    17. Bonnie

      The Titans focuses on Kent family founder Philip's great-great grandson, Gideon Kent, a cavalary officer in the Confederate Army as the Civil War breaks out. I always enjoyed how well Jakes could show all sides of the issues, especially in the complicated Civil War. He did this spectacularly in his North and South series, as well. On both sides of the Mason-Dixon line are people who are firm in their beliefs, right or wrong, people who respect the other side even when they don't agree, people wh [...]

    18. Debbie

      This book basically finishes up Jepetha and starts the lives of his children. It is a good book for transition from one generation to the next. However, it tends to be a bit slow at times but worth the read. Just a few chapters in Might find myself skipping here or there on the political jargon or war. I took a break from the series. The book is pretty good so far. Of course, we know famous people like Lincoln and Lee and other families know Lincoln's killer Booth. But, I'm used to this now and [...]

    19. Holly Weiss

      I've been working my way through John Jakes's eight-book Kent Family Chronicles. Book 5, The Titans, opens as Lincoln as been elected president. Amanda Kent (a just, influential character in book 4) has died and left a family quite divided. America, too, is divided as we approach The Civil War. The Kent family finds Gideon Kent and Jeptha on opposite sides, with Jeptha concerned for the welfare of his three sons who most certainly with fight in this bloody war. Jakes aptly describes the treacher [...]

    20. Bonnie Staughton

      "The Titans" is the 5th in the Kent Family Chronicles series by John Jakes. This book follows the lives of Jeptha Kent, Gideon Kent and Louis Kent during the Civil War. I usually don't care to read stories about "blow by blow" activity during a war, but because this was the Battle of Manassas I found it interesting. I don't live too awfully far from Manassas, VA and have ridden my previous horse on the battle field trails and across Bull Run. So I felt "connected" to the Manassas and Washington [...]

    21. Maureen Kennedy

      I've loved all the Jakes Kent books so far especially in the aspect of his presenting people who's lives change drastically through their lifetime. This book had some of that but I'm just not that into war scenes or military battles. The Alamo and Civil War battles seemed to drag on for someone like me who would rather get on with the story. Of course for those who enjoy the military I think you'd give this a 4-5 star rating. I also wish he had gone a little more into the politics of all the oth [...]

    22. Philip

      Onward with the fifth volume of the Kent Family Chronicles - Washington City becomes a hotbed of turmoil after Fort Sumter, and of course a Kent is on-hand readable as its predecessors, but as with any historical fiction concerning major events such as the Civil War, the sinking of the Titanic, and World Wars I and II, it's really hard to build any genuine suspense about how events will proceed.You always know that, whatever kind of scrape a Kent gets into, they're usually going to come out of i [...]

    23. Caren Capewell


    24. Paula Hebert

      #5 in the kent family takes us into the civil war and all of the political and familial drama from that time. the story is well told, if in a slightly period soap-opera-ish manner, but the history is spot on. and there are also lots of fun tidbits and factoids to file away and entertain and/or bore your friends with. an entertaining way to pass the time. soft core history for those who were frightened away in high school.

    25. Mark Day

      The Titans is certainly as entertaining as the previous books in the series, however, some of the sub-plots were not as interesting as others. As always, the author uses melodrama to keep the reader engaged with complex periods in American history; delivering a comfortable mix of pure entertainment intertwined with interesting historical insight. I am committed to finishing this series and remain impressed with the consistency of good story telling.

    26. Joy H.

      Added 10/24/12. I began reading this book sometime in October 2012VEMBER 2012 - I've read the first 4 books in the series. I'm enjoying this 5th one just as much as I enjoyed the othersCEMBER 2012 - I didn't finish reading this book because other books were calling to me. They were more compelling than this one at the time. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the rest of the book but I had no time for it. Perhaps some day I will go back to it.

    27. April Martinez

      The Titans by John JakesSometimes reading about the Civil War we get lost in statistics and battle sites. We often overlook the personal tragedy of simple people fighting a complicated war. It's easy to focus on heroes and villains and myths of war. It's the small details that I enjoyed in this book. It was an easy book to read and hard for me to stop and review, because I'm anxious to read the rest of the story!

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