Kiki de Montparnasse

Kiki de Montparnasse Kiki never do the same thing for three days in a row never never never Winner of Angouleme Festival s Essential Prix RTL Grand Prix In the bohemian and brilliant Montparnasse of the s Kiki esca

  • Title: Kiki de Montparnasse
  • Author: Catel José-Louis Bocquet Nora Mahony
  • ISBN: 9781906838256
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kiki de Montparnasse

    Kiki never do the same thing for three days in a row never, never, never Winner of Angouleme Festival s Essential Prix RTL Grand Prix In the bohemian and brilliant Montparnasse of the 1920s, Kiki escaped poverty to become one of the most charismatic figures of the avant garde years between the wars Partner to Man Ray, she would be immortalised by many artists TKiki never do the same thing for three days in a row never, never, never Winner of Angouleme Festival s Essential Prix RTL Grand Prix In the bohemian and brilliant Montparnasse of the 1920s, Kiki escaped poverty to become one of the most charismatic figures of the avant garde years between the wars Partner to Man Ray, she would be immortalised by many artists The muse of a generation, she was one of the first emancipated women of the 20th century.

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    One thought on “Kiki de Montparnasse

    1. Seth T.

      My wife, after reading Kiki de Montparnasse for something near a half hour, stopped and asked me: "Is this for real? Did men really just go up to women and offer them a few bucks to flash their boobs?" I assured her that it was and that it's the same today and it's not a big thing and everybody does it. I was not very convincing. Probably because I was as surprised as her. I knew the early twentieth century in Europe1 was a rambunctious time—what with the swift ideological, artistic, and moral [...]

    2. David Schaafsma

      In 1979 I visited a Surrealism/Dada exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and I was enthralled. Still remember it! After that I visited every similar exhibit I could see in the midwest and collected books on that and related subjects. Recently I attended yet another related exhibition. Shatter Rupture Break was a spring 2015 Chicago Art Institute exhibition that "examines modern art and the rapidly shifting conditions of modernity through the provocative lens of fragmentation." Artis [...]

    3. Bert

      Montparnasse in the Twenties was fun-central, everywhere wine and surrealism and bottoms. I wish i was there now Kiki was at the heart of it all, and this is a delightful, sad but fun graphic novel biography, full of key moments and little anecdotes from her life and times, and i thought it was quite lovely.

    4. Dov Zeller

      Where to even begin?This book was hefty, and Kiki's life is contextualized in helpful and beautiful ways. And, I would have read a book twice as long. Kiki is the affectionate name given to Alice Prin when she first starts modeling for artists just after WWI. Kiki was born into relative poverty in the French country-side, and raised, along with several cousins, by her mythically lovely maternal grandmother. She was removed around the age of twelve from her country home, a home and a landscape sh [...]

    5. Sam Quixote

      Alice Prin was born in 1901 into poverty in rural France. Raised by a loving grandmother along with several other bastards, her mother was in Paris chasing artists and the high life while her biological father was nowhere to be found, and when Alice turned 12 she was sent to Paris. Her high energy and natural beauty became too much for her carefree mother and after being caught modelling nude for a local painter, Alice was turned away by her mother and forced to make a living on the streets. It [...]

    6. Camille

      Une magnifique reconstitution de la vie de Kiki de Montparnasse, en successions de fragments, classés selon les maisons qu'elle a habitées au cours de sa vie. C'est à la fois rafraîchissant et bouillonnant, joyeux et touchant. Un document épatant, où on retrouve encore tellement de thématiques contemporaines : conception de l'art, de la féminité, entre autres. J'ai parfois du mal à comprendre comment on peut aborder tant de problématiques dans quelques croquis et des petites bulles, m [...]

    7. Alicja

      Une biographie sous forme de roman graphique, quelle bonne idée ! J'ai adoré découvrir cette muse des années 20 dont je ne connaissais pas toute l'histoire. Les illustrations sont en noir et blanc mais j'ai trouvé qu'elles restituaient très bien l'ambiance de ces années folles.

    8. Metin Yılmaz

      Aslında sadece bir çizgi roman gözüyle bakmak yanlış. Çünkü bu çizgi roman, bizim ülkemizde anlaşılan çizgi roman anlayışından daha başka bir çizgi roman. Hayat hikayesi anlatılan Kiki'nin yanı sıra iki büyük dünya savaşı sırasında Fransa'ya bakıyoruz. O dönemde insanların yaşamlarına konuk oluyoruz. Ayrıca büyük yazarlar, büyük ressamlarla ve büyük fotoğrafçılarla karşılaşıyoruz. Her ne kadar o zamanlar daha büyük oldukları netleşmemiş olsa d [...]

    9. Léa

      Une BD pleine de joie, de fête et d'amour pour raconter la vie de Kiki, reine de Montparnasse.Catel et Bocquet font un formidable travail en retraçant les grandes étapes de la vie fambloyante de la belle Kiki. J'ai adoré retrouver les années folles et toutes les personnalités du Paris de l'époque.

    10. Elizabeth A

      This graphic biography introduced me to Kiki who "escaped poverty to become one of the most charismatic figures of the avant-garde years between the wars. Partner to Man Ray, she would be immortalized by many artists. The muse of a generation, she was one of the first emancipated women of the 20th century". While I did not love the art in this book, I was fascinated by this woman, and her life. Since this book attempts to cover her entire life, it has to jump around a lot, and introduce us to lo [...]

    11. Amélie

      Cette bédé-brique est un tourbillon de visages, de fêtes, de toiles, de liaisons amoureuses, de musique & d’après-midi en terrasse.C’est étourdissant.C’est surtout l’histoire d’Alice Prin, arrivée à Paris à l’adolescence & devenue dans les années 20 l’une des modèles les plus en demande de Montparnasse, chouchoutée par les artistes de l’avant-garde parisienne. Kiki, comme on la surnomme très vite, est haute en couleur, bruyante, parfois vulgaire mais toujours [...]

    12. Cheryl

      I loved this graphic novel based on the life of Alice Prin, better known as Kiki of Montparnasse. She rose to fame as a model for a variety of artists, most famously perhaps Man Ray who took the photo of Kiki known as Ingre's Violin, as represented on the cover. She was a cabaret performer, muse, and artist in her own right and was well known for being at the heart of many-a-party and the breaker of many hearts. The story can be read without any knowledge of the community of creative expatriates [...]

    13. Tate Ryan

      This is the second 'longish' graphic novel i have read and I'm not sure i'm into them. However I give credit that at least KIKI is a charismatic character worth writing about I just wish it was done in a more a succinct way and with specialised artwork (maybe in colour) that conveyed her beauty and lively character while spending more time on her inner thoughts and why she acted the way she did rather that introducing us to every famous french artist she met. I wanted to know more about her than [...]

    14. Monika Yulianti

      My first graphic novel! I finished this book within 12 hours, and I love it! The colourful life of Kiki de Montparnasse, a model, painter, artist, singer, actress, dancer, an entertainer onstage as well as offstage. She was a free spirit in the truest form. I also enjoyed the beautiful drawings and the details regarding France circa 1901-1953.

    15. Suketus

      Olipa kiinnostava elämäkerta-sarjis Montparnassen sotienvälisen ajan kuningattaresta, taiteilijoiden muusasta, Kikistä. Kun sarjisgenre on aika vieras, en osaa siihen verrata, mutta yksittäisenä lukukokemuksena hieno ja avartava. Etenkin, koska kirja kuvaa pääasiassa suosikkiaikakauttani 1920-lukua ja sen williä pariisilaista elämää.

    16. Soobie can't sleep at night

      Non avevo idea di chi fosse la regina di Montparnasse. Questo l'ho pescato dall'Archivio del Fumetto di Andreis. La copertina mi ha incuriosito e ho incominciato a leggere. Premetto che non condivido il modo di vivere di Kiki, ma questo non mi ha impedito di provare una certa simpatia per lei. L'idea di andar a mostrar il seno per qualche spicciolo Ma neanche Però è innegabile il fascino che sprigiona la protagonista. E c'è anche un po' di invidia nei suoi confronti: è evidente che lei era a [...]

    17. Mélanie

      Comme toujours, jamais déçu du duo Catel & Bocquet. Encore une belle biographie de la sulfureuse et intrépide Kiki de Montparnasse dont je ne connaissais que partiellement la vie. Qu'importe l'attrait pour le personnage où l'époque il est toujours intéressant de se plonger dans un Paris lointain, mais qui est encore si proche. Les moeurs de l'époque ont certes évolués mais on voit bien que les préjugés féminins perdurent à une échelle moindre, mais perdurent. La narration est g [...]

    18. Safronia

      Comme Josephine, cette BD est un petit bijou, et que dire de Kiki, quelle femme ! Un personnage que j'aurais aimé rencontrer

    19. Karel-Willem Delrue

      De setting is natuurlijk schitterend. Het Parijs van de jaren 20 spreekt tot ieders verbeelding. Het idee om een verhaal te vertellen vanuit het standpunt van Alice Prin (Kiki van Montparnasse) is in die context een schot in de roos: een sensuele vrouw komt in Parijs in contact met het toenmalige kruim van de kunstenwereld.Maar Kiki laat heel wat kansen liggen. De tekenstijl is te jeugdig, de structuur te rechtlijnig, de overgangen te bruusk (te vaak betrapte ik mezelf erop de paginanummers te c [...]

    20. Tytti

      A biography in the form of a graphic novel about a woman who almost defined the art scene and the night life of Paris and particularly Montparnasse during the 1920's. Of course I had never heard of her before but I had heard of many of the men in her life.I am not a one who is interested in celebraties of today but when they "become history" I start to get interested, especially if they had a controversial or eventful life. Kiki liked to party and unfortunately that ended her life eventually. Th [...]

    21. Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*

      I must not have been paying attention, because until I had the book in my hands, I had no idea it wasn't a traditional biography. I wanted to read it because it has to do with art and artists, and I am a former art major.There was nothing in the pages to endear me to any of the characters, except perhaps Foujita. Kiki was rather annoying and childish. The artists came off as assholes or abusers, and the fact that they were artists is not an excuse in my mind. Also, this book did a lot to de-glam [...]

    22. Sonic

      This huge biographic-comic takes us through a series of vignettes illustrating the life and times of Kiki, model, muse and party girl who in turn takes us on a tour of the roaring bohemian scene of Paris at the birth of Surrealism and Dadaism with her colorful cast of friends who just happen to be the great artists of that time!This book had a breezy, frivolous feel to me at first, but the more I read, the more interested I became in this astounding and colorful character and that thriving art s [...]

    23. Angela Natividad

      The ending of this graphic novel includes that old legend about the benevolent stranger who walks by the blind beggar whose cup is empty. She picks up his sign, transforms it, and, as she walks off, the clinking of coin upon coin won't stop. It was the first time I'd seen this story; since then, I've seen it in a thousand contexts (the worst is when they're used to illustrate the power of some iconic ad man). But Kiki was my first. I'd always much rather it be her.

    24. J K

      A glorious taster of Bohemian life in the 1920s. Simple style of art but very effective, it's more of a selection of vignettes that comprised KiKi's life, and it's also one of those books that makes you want to look up all the people mentioned in its pages - although I was impressed by the life stories of the srtists she was involved with, set out at the back of this book.

    25. Carol

      While I appreciate how graphic novels can tell a story in a unique way, that did not happen here. Better to stick with real photos and learn about Kiki from Billy Kluver and Julie Martin's "Kiki's Paris: Artists and Lovers 1900-1930."

    26. Tyyne

      The visual language was lovely, somehow very soft and comfortable. And the subject matter was really interesting!

    27. Alison

      Apparently for the bohemian, 1920s, Left Bank woman, showing your breasts to strangers worked as a kind of currency?

    28. Ayanna Dozier

      Catel Muller has an entire series of Graphic Novels that deal with---what I've phrased---as the "whores from lore form France." This series includes the titular Kiki de Montparnasse, Josephine Baker, Olympe de Gouges, and a forthcoming issue on Golden-Age film director Alice Guy-Blaché. The series, while comprehensive in some ways (each book is about 500 pages in length), is meant more to be an introduction on the life of Kiki de Montparnasse as oppose to a full Graphic Novel study of Kiki's li [...]

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