Cold Blood

Cold Blood Wood Point Academy is not at all what I expected For one thing it looks like a cross between military school and Buckingham Palace Everyone stares the floors shine so bright you can see your reflect

  • Title: Cold Blood
  • Author: Heather Hildenbrand
  • ISBN: 2940013473843
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Nook
  • Cold Blood

    Wood Point Academy is not at all what I expected For one thing, it looks like a cross between military school and Buckingham Palace Everyone stares, the floors shine so bright you can see your reflection in them from a mile away, and no one smiles Unless they re kicking your butt in the process.At least I ve got plenty to take my mind off the fact that my psycho cousin,Wood Point Academy is not at all what I expected For one thing, it looks like a cross between military school and Buckingham Palace Everyone stares, the floors shine so bright you can see your reflection in them from a mile away, and no one smiles Unless they re kicking your butt in the process.At least I ve got plenty to take my mind off the fact that my psycho cousin, Miles De Luca, keeps calling and declaring his love and promising to come for me just as soon as he s destroyed anyone standing in our way Wes isn t going to like that idea So between Miles, Wood Point s evil welcoming committee, and the drill sergeant hottie trainer from hell, I just keep asking myself, how did I end up here Cold Blood is Book 2 in the Dirty Blood series To read about the Dirty Blood series visit accendopress

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    One thought on “Cold Blood

    1. Anne

      Cold Blood is the 2nd book in the Dirty Blood series.Heather Hildenbrand is (for me) an uneven writer. I've read stories of hers that are excellent, and I've read one that was (IMO) abysmally bad.So I was a little reluctant to read this series, which was written earlier than the story I thought was so poorly written. I was afraid that her earlier writing & plotting skills would be worse, not better.But I was happily surprised with Dirty Blood and Cold Blood.Both stories are really good and e [...]

    2. Cambria

      Title: Cold Blood (Dirty Blood #2)Author: Heather HildenbrandFormat: Paperback, E-BookISBN13: 2940013473843Published: November 2011 by Accendo PressTara has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. She is accepted into Wood Pointe Academy – an exclusive school for werewolf hunters. So she should be thrilled, right?Nope. But Tara doesn’t get a say in the matter. Her grandmother and mother have decided for her and she doesn’t have a choice. They think since her pyscho cousin Miles is on the [...]

    3. Kami Dodson-Perry

      In this part of the story we meet Alex, Cambria, and Logan.Tara goes away to Hunter School and meets Cambria and Logan. Both Hunters in training. They are the misfits and outsiders of the school so Tara fits into their click since she is a Hybrid. No one at the school wants to be friends with Tara since she is mixed blood.Miles DeLuca has a plan and what he wants is Tara. Tara is discussed by this since his plan includes her being his mate and they are cousins YUCK. So Miles tells Tara he will c [...]

    4. Haley ~ YA-Aholic

      “When you won’t feel guilty anymore, I’ll kiss you again.”Heather Hildenbrand has officially become one of my favorite authors; I loved Dirty Blood and the sequel Cold Blood did not disappoint! In fact it completely rocked my face off! Dirty Blood series just keeps getting better and better and I cannot wait to see what Heather comes up with next! If you haven’t picked up Heather’s Dirty Blood series, you need to right now cause you are seriously missing out!While Dirty Blood covered [...]

    5. H.Lee

      Surprise, Surprise! I was mesmerised by this book even more than the first! I loved the new characters and the character of Cambria, which was a grand prize right here on NightlyReading to win a character named after you in Heather’s next book, is a great character of BFF. Cambria will be very happy with the character that was chosen for her:)The move to Wood Point Academy and the incoming of a new man in Tara’s life have her questioning everything! I, personally love Alex and would love to [...]

    6. A Book Vacation

      Hildenbrand has done it again with this intense sequel to her novel Dirty Blood. I really enjoyed this novel; it’s a bit more spicy than the first, with a love triangle developing (and I’m siding with Alex, sorry Wes), even more action and fights, and a mystery that will have the reader wondering what Miles is really up to. This was a great read, and I’m already jonesing for the next installment!Hildenbrand is a phenomenal writer and she just keeps getting more refined as she writes her no [...]

    7. Melissa

      A friend in my book club came upon this series and recommended it to us and I am so glad she did! This was a fantastic sequel to Dirty Blood. It had new and intriguing characters that were well developed for making their first appearance. Tara is off to Wood Point Academy against her mother's and everyone else's wishes but there she meets Alex. My favorite character in this book. I was instantly a fan and found his complex and stoic demeanor very entertaining to follow I am impatiently waiting f [...]

    8. Angeline Kace

      It's rare to find a book where the follow-up is better than the first, but that's EXACTLY the way I feel about this book! I'm UTTERLY in love with it! Heather blew me away with this book. And I LOVE Cambria! She rocks!

    9. Jamie Kline

      This book picks up exactly where Dirty Blood leaves off, which I thought was great. Wes is pretty busy taking over duties for the Cause while Jack is still recovering, so unfortunately we don't see him much in the beginning (or at all really). The story follows Tara as she gets settled in to life at Wood Point Academy, a school specifically for aspiring werewolf hunters. She's pretty reluctant at first, not seeing why she needs the extra training and not wanting to be away from Wes for such a lo [...]

    10. Elsa

      Again these covers truly suck and they may "scare" people away wich is too bad because the story is really good ❤

    11. Andrea

      I absolutely adore love Heather Hildenbrand's writing. Her book, Across the Galaxy, is one of the first self-published books that I read, and loved. I quickly moved on to Dirty Blood, which I also devoured. So, I have been patiently waiting for the follow-up to Dirty Blood, which is Cold Blood. Did I love Cold Blood? You bet I did. It was everything I hoped it would be, and so much more. Hildenbrand really stepped it up in book two, upping the stakes in every way.Starting with a new setting. Tar [...]

    12. Katrina

      4.5 stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Where do I start ! Now normally when you read the next book in a series you think or sort of have expectations that it wont be as good as the first. But rest assured Cold Blood is even better. !! Dirty blood book one was great !! But Cold Blood is kick arse full of action, and a fantastic second book in this series. I really enjoyed it - if possible more than the first but saying this I loved the first story ! Tara is sent away to boarding school *Wood Point [...]

    13. Kristen

      GENRE: YA Urban FantasyTHEME: WerewolvesRECEIVED: To Review from AuthorBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW:Cold Blood by Heather Hildenbrand starts off right where Dirty Blood ends. Hildenbrand’s writing gets even better with this action packed story. Adding a love triangle to the mix, the lead Tara has a whole lot more on her plate than dealing with the fact she’s not a normal teenage girl. I really enjoyed the second installment and the fantastic twist that I never saw coming.Tara starts at Wood Poin [...]

    14. Katy

      Please note: I read this in December, 2011 from a copy I won in a giveaway. No review was requested, but I'm happy to provide one. See my review of the first book in this series here.My Synopsis: Tara’s mother and grandmother have decided that she will be safer away from Frederick Falls and have shipped her off to boarding school – an exclusive school for Hunters named Wood Pointe. They figure that not only will she be safe among Hunters, but she will also have a chance to train. No one aske [...]

    15. BookLoversLife

      Tara has been excepted to the prestigious hunter's Wood Point Academy! She should be thrilled as it's the best hunters school, but she is miles from home, miles from Wes and her crazy cousin, Miles De'Luca, is constantly ringing her and freaking her out by promising that she will be his! Plus Tara isn't exactly welcomed in the ranks of the hunters due to her "dirty" blood! There are some bright sides though, Cambria and Logan who quickly bring Tara into their fold, and Alex, her trainer! Can Tar [...]

    16. Marsha

      "Cold Blood" is another good read in the Dirty Blood series. Tara has been sent off to the Wood Point Academy by her mother. She is none too pleased but promises to behave herself. That was before she discovered how prejudice the students are against people of mixed blood or a "hybrid" as she calls it. She manages to make friends with Cambria and Logan, two misfits. They help make life a little less miserable for her especially with her evil roommate, Victoria.Miles, her evil nemesis, manages to [...]

    17. Carrie

      This book picks up immediately after the stellar first installment. Tara has been shipped off to a special type of boarding school for hunters. Not surprisingly, being a “dirty blood” is something nobody on campus appreciates. The feelings range from hostile to slightly less hostile. The only people who appear to accept her for who she is are her new friends Cambria and Logan. This misfit crew ends up being the only thing that keeps Tara grounded through her madness filled first semester. So [...]

    18. M.R. Merrick

      I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, Dirty Blood, but this book took it to a whole new level. It has a little bit of everything; werewolves, magic, and at times, I even got a Harry Potter feel from it. I was fortunate enough to read this book before it’s release, and I’m sad the next one isn’t out already.Coming from a guy’s perspective, you’re always wary of the romance aspect of these stories. It’s a part of so many of them, but with Cold Blood, it’s very well done [...]

    19. The BookWhisperer

      Cold Blood takes a leap into the Hunter’s world. After the battle that concluded Dirty Blood; Tara find herself enrolled in the Wood Point academy for Hunters. At her Grandmother’s demand Tara agrees to attend the prestigious Hunter Academy, but little does she know that lies ahead. Jack and Fess have explained the reluctance that Werewolves and Hunters alike hold towards mixed blood. The reality of this truth becomes a harsh reality when Tara finds herself with more enemies than she can cou [...]

    20. R.G.

      This was even better than the first I liked that she was now immersed in the hunter culture by being at a hunter boarding school which was an interesting mix of high school cliques, college fraternity hazing, and military basic training though I wish my basic training had taught me to be this bad ass Tara is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, especially for these sort of books she's a bit impulsive but she for the most part tries to think things through she's far from perfect but le [...]

    21. Delphina

      Even better than the first!I really enjoyed this book. I have the circles under my eyes to prove it ;). While I enjoyed the first book in this series, Dirty Blood, I loved this book. I was unsure when she was going to go to "Hunter" school if this book would be too cliche for me and was very pleasantly surprised that it was not. I was a bit stumped by the mystery in this book (love that) and really enjoyed seeing all of the interpersonal relationships as they grew and/or morphed. Heather include [...]

    22. Joy Whiteside

      I cannot wait to see the next installment in this series.This book kept me wanting more, from the beginning until the end. The book moved along at a great pace and was easy to read and understand.The characters are extremely likable and you cannot help but love them.This book has a bit of everything, romance, mystery, and adventure all combined with trying to be normal teenagers.Heather Hildenbrand has done an excellent job of creating a new and exciting world with lovable characters. Cannot wai [...]

    23. Sheryl

      This is book 2 of The Dirty Blood series by author Heather Hildenbrand.When Tara get into a school to learn how to be a hunter she does not expect know what to expect out of school but what she finds was not on her way to become a hunter.I am enjoying how the character of Tara seems to be growing and not staying like a teenager but coming into an adult. The interaction of her character with others makes the book interesting to read.This is for any paranormal book reader who enjoys some adventure [...]

    24. Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads

      I am in love with this series. It is AWESOME!! I thought after reading Dirty Blood that it couldn't get better than that but I was unbelievably wrong because this book was crazy good. I loved the character's in this book. I missed Wes a little but he was there when it counted and the ending was heart stopping. I can't wait for book 3. It can't come out quick enough. I would highly recommend this series to anyone, it was wonderful and I am definitely thrilled I found a new kick a** series to read [...]

    25. Sibylle

      I absolutely loved it. One of the few books where the sequel is even better than the first one! Didn't see that love triangle coming though. It's not the one you'd expect after reading the synopsis, and surprisingly I'm quite torn between the 2 love interests. That aside, the story is really action-packed and there were many times where I did not anticipate what was coming. An enjoyable read, go get it!

    26. Courtney(Book Crazy Lady)

      This is the second book in the Dirty Blood series from Heather Hildenbrand. Cold Blood picks up right where Dirty Blood left off. Tara’s mother and grandmother are shipping her off to a private boarding school, but this isn’t any ordinary boarding school. It is a specific school for Hunter’s. There are a couple of major issues here for Tara. Wes isn’t going with her She will miss her friends and family Everyone at the school is appalled by her and calls her “Dirty Blood”That being sa [...]

    27. Nikki

      The Plot Thickens At Hunter SchoolThis is a good second book in the series. Tara is sent to Hunter School to learn more about being a Hunter, and to expand her fighting skills. She meets two new friends, Cambria and Logan, who help with making mischief. She has a personal tutor, Alex, who will help her catch up to the rest of her class in fighting skills. With the introduction of Alex, Tara now finds herself tempted with what could be. Miles makes an appearance and adds to the creep factor.I enj [...]

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