Art of Homemaking

Art of Homemaking None

  • Title: Art of Homemaking
  • Author: Daryl Hoole
  • ISBN: 9780877470113
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Art of Homemaking


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      131 Daryl Hoole
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    One thought on “Art of Homemaking

    1. Erin

      I first discovered this book on the shelf at my grandma's house as a young teenager. I was fascinated, so whenever I went for a visit, I would disappear for a while to browse through it on the sly. Years later, I got this book and one of the sequels at a white elephant exchange and could hardly believe my luck. Feminists, say what you will, home making is still a vitally important skill in today's world, and the advice in this book is still extremely relevant. We might not be quite as preoccupie [...]

    2. Sara

      Allora. Non sono una casalinga col fazzoletto in testa e il grembiule con lo Swiffer infilato nella tasca. Però mi piacciono un sacco i libri che parlano della condizione delle donne nel passato. Mi incuriosisce sapere come se la passavano, cosa era normale pensare ai loro tempi, cosa comprendeva un loro giornata tipo. Mia mamma alle medie aveva Economia Domestica e i libri del corso li ho letti mille volte – un po’ mi facevano ridere (lo stile soprattutto), un po’ mi facevano pena (sempr [...]

    3. Trace

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Absolutely charming and inspiring. There WERE a few chuckles on my part though for example, as I read this:"When putting a new cover on your ironing board, first dip it in cold starch and then tack it firmly in place. As it dries, it shrinks, leaving a smooth taut surface that won't stretch and wrinkle the first time you iron on it. Also, the starch will keep it from getting soiled very easily, so it won't need changing quite so often."I couldn't help but wonder a [...]

    4. Emily

      Although the illustrations and some of the tips were quite outdated, there were still plenty of practical and useful insights to be gleaned. I found that while I was reading this book, I actually started to become a better homemaker, perhaps in part because I was more aware of my homemaking abilities, but also because the tips were simple enough that I could apply them easily. The biggest insight I got out of it was that having a vision for what your want your home to be and feel like and creati [...]

    5. Tasha

      Borrowed this from a friend and I really liked it. I now want to find my own copy that I can write in and go though a chapter at a time. It could very well go up another star once I start doing the things it suggests.

    6. Natalie

      Love this book. Such good insight on how to make a house a home. Some of it is outdated but most of it is still applicable.

    7. Vivian

      This 1962 classic tome to homemaking may elicit some eye rolling or rolling in the aisle to the ensuing generations of women but she serves up in less than 200 pages some ideals of the "multi-faceted homemaker" that can still be applied today.She sees the homemaker as having 20 facets (which she fleshes out with tips, quotes, cartoons, testimonies, and prose). At the time of publication she was a popular speaker and teacher on the subject as well as raising four young children and keeping up a h [...]

    8. Mary Lou

      Great ideas on how to be a better homemaker.Things I learned:Energy grows with use. The more one does the more he is able to do.When it doubt - throw it out!Sitting still and wishingmakes no person greatthe good lord send the fishingbut you must dig the baitAn ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoonTo cut bangs even place tape above cutting positionNever let the thorns prevent you from enjoying the beautyLife by the yard is hard, inch by inch is a cinch"That which we persist in doing beco [...]

    9. Amylady222

      This is a very "old school" book on homemaking--things you would find in the 50's. But I still love it and think if they could do all that housework while looking cute and fresh and having very few modern day cleaning helps, then why can't I just do a little more than I am doing! I have so much to be thankful formber 1: being that I don't live in a time period that was like the 50's. number 2: I live in a time of washing machines, dish washers, and vacuums!ANyway. It is good, but keep it mind it [...]

    10. Angie

      This is definitely an older book, having been published in the seventies, about homemaking. I loved it though! I especially enjoyed reading my wonderful MIL's copy containing her notes and markings, as I have seen evidence of these ideas put into action with much success! It is all very "old-school" but I happen to think that we are missing a lot of these traditional homemaking skills in our society today. Fewer and fewer women are ever taught how to actually be a good homemaker. It IS challengi [...]

    11. Deanna

      This is my new favorite book. Where has it been all my life? It answers all my questions about finding a day to day look at Proverbs 31. It has pushed all my other favorite books out of the way and moved them down the line. I have read it several times all ready. I have even bought myself two copies off of . Tip: If you like "Fascinating Womanhood" you will like this book. If you did not like "Fascinating Womanhood" you will NOT like his book.

    12. Danielle

      This was a fabulous book, even if it wasn't exactly politically correct for our time period. I learned a great deal and found her information extremely helpful if one is wanting to be a great homemaker. It is information that is difficult to find these days, because people are so afraid of offending someone. You can't even learn these things in YWs or in Relief Society anymore. I saw that there is an updated version that I would love to read.

    13. Laura

      Okayn't laugh that I've read this book. It is REALLY good. I have yet to implement all the things I learned from it, but I read it really quickly and LOVE the retro pictures. It was written in the 70's, so it may seem outdated when you look at it, but it has TONS of great ideas and advice on keeping your home manageable. READ IT!

    14. Aleisa

      I expected to find this book charming and quaint (and a little nostalgic). I didn't expect it to be helpful and motivating--but it was all of these! Since reading it in book club I have inherited my own copy in with some hand-me-down books from my mother-in-law. What a fun book to flip through when I need to be reminded of the wife and mother I intended to be!

    15. Brooke

      Borrowed this from my Mom and discovered the secret to many of her homemaking techniques. A little outdated, but fantastic. In this feminist society, I think I needed an "old-fashioned" teacher to show me how to be a good homemaker. Just noticed she has a new version that came out in 2005 - may have been fun to read the updated version!

    16. Jana

      Very old fashioned, and a lot of it didn't apply to me since I am not technically a stay-at-home Mom. I know it is just because it was written 50 years ago, but I wish she would have touched on tips for Moms who aren't at home all weekBUT I did get a few good tips and I will definitely re-read when I do quit working and have to organize a life of homemaking :)

    17. Jennifer

      This was a surprise. I expected this book to be antiquated and make me feel like a terrible mom, but it wasn't either. Filled with helpful information for a busy homemaker who wants to be organized and efficient and happy. This is not a new book, so the illustrations were funny. But I have used this as a reference in my "work" ever since I read it and plan to continue to do so.

    18. Cheryl

      This book is definitely outdated but good stuff can be taken from it. Only thing- I didn't get anything from it that I couldn't search on Pinterest nowadays. But I imagine that when it came out it was a huge help to a lot of people and the information would have been great then.

    19. Allie

      If you can track this book down you will love it too! So many fabulous tips for the clueless and challenged like myself who want to do a better job of keeping up with the kids, the home, and the sanity!

    20. Jen

      This was the 70's version - I prefer this over the 'Ultimate Career' - because it's more detailed of how- to and she was younger when she wrote this, so it applied a little better to my situation with kids still at home.

    21. Dianna

      This book is dated and it made me laugh several times, but I still found many great tips and ideals for homemaking, and I'm planning on reading it again soon. I would highly recommend this book to stay-at-home moms.

    22. Laura

      This book was written in the late 60's. It is a wealth of knowledge about how to run a home. I like the updated version of this book (The Ultimate Career), but I still think this edition is charming. It has vintage pictures that make me laugh. My mother told me it was her "Bible."

    23. Elizabeth

      This book has helped me so much. It's a how to for homemaking. It is potentially discouraging, but in the beginning she talks about ideals being like the North Star: use them to guide you, but don't expect to reach them.

    24. Jill

      I think homemaking is becoming a lost art and although I originally picked up this book to get a few laughs (which there are due to some of its dated content), I truly enjoyed reading it. It even made me want to do a better job at taking care of my home and family.

    25. Kate

      A friend let me borrow this book after telling me it changed her life. I'm still waiting for it to change my life, but I haven't read much, so I'll let you know.

    26. Tara

      Some parts were really out-dated but there are some wonderful tips and principles that I wish I'd known about before now. I also had to remind myself that this is describing an "ideal" homemaker.

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