The Shadow Tracer

The Shadow Tracer Can a person ever really disappear for good by going off the grid And what happens when vanishing is no longer an option Sarah Keller is a single mother to five year old Zoe living quietly in Oklahom

  • Title: The Shadow Tracer
  • Author: Meg Gardiner
  • ISBN: 9780525953227
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Shadow Tracer

    Can a person ever really disappear for good by going off the grid And what happens when vanishing is no longer an option Sarah Keller is a single mother to five year old Zoe, living quietly in Oklahoma She s also a skip tracer, an expert in tracking people who ve gone on the lam to avoid arrest, prosecution, or debt pinpointing their locations to bring them to justice.WhCan a person ever really disappear for good by going off the grid And what happens when vanishing is no longer an option Sarah Keller is a single mother to five year old Zoe, living quietly in Oklahoma She s also a skip tracer, an expert in tracking people who ve gone on the lam to avoid arrest, prosecution, or debt pinpointing their locations to bring them to justice.When a school bus accident sends Zoe to the ER, their quiet life explodes Zoe s medical tests reveal what Sarah has been hiding Zoe is not her daughter Zoe s biological mother Sarah s sister, Beth was murdered shortly after the child s birth And Zoe s father is missing and presumed dead.With no way to prove her innocence, Sarah must abandon her carefully constructed life and go on the run Chased by cops, federal agents, and the group responsible for Beth s murder, Sarah embarks on a desperate journey Can her knowledge as a skip tracer help her stay off the grid, remain one step ahead of her pursuers, and find a way to save her daughter

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    One thought on “The Shadow Tracer

    1. Arielle Walker

      3.75The Shadow Tracer is M. G. Gardiner’s eleventh crime thriller, and from the very first page it is clear that we are in the hands of a professional. The reader is taken on a nail-biting ride through the Southern States, and, as Sarah’s story gains complexity, the chance of anyone getting out alive becomes doubtful.The characters are generally well rounded, with clear motivations that fit the plot well. However, a few things are touched on that are never quite explained or developed furthe [...]

    2. Brooke

      3.5 stars Sarah Keller has been living in Oklahoma for the past five years with her daughter Zoe. Being a skip tracer, her job is to find people off the grid, which I found ironic, considering that's what she's been doing herself. All that flys out the window when Zoe is involved in a school bus accident that sends her to the ER & it is revealed Sarah is not her biological mother. Furthermore, Zoe's BM- Beth (Sarah's sister), was murdered when Zoe was a baby & her father has been missing [...]

    3. Bill

      Rock solid 4.0/5.0 STARSMy wife read this book and suggested I give it a try, that I might like it hell yea I did!Wow! This book could be the script for a high octane, big screen summertime action adventure. From page one straight through to the end this story is filled with intense, sharp, non-stop action centered on Sarah Keller, a skip tracer for Danisha Helms Legal, and five year old Zoe Keller, the daughter of Sarah’s sister Beth. Sarah has been caring for Zoe since she was just two week [...]

    4. Pamela

      This book started off with a bang and quickly drew the reader in, but then.1) plot unraveled, becoming silly2) events became absolutely nonsensical and implausible2) characters were one dimensional and their motives remained unclear throughout the book 4) all resulting in an unsatisfying read

    5. Tanya Eby

      I can't review books I've narrated, but I CAN comment on them. At least I think I can. So. I have a major writer-crush on Meg Gardiner, but for good reason. She just knows how to write stories that suck you in, propel you forward, and sort of give you whiplash a good way. What I mean is, she writes tough women characters with deep heart who can also kick a$$. I narrated the Even Delaney series (one of my favorite suspense/action series ever) and so I was thrilled to be able to do this stand-alon [...]

    6. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

      The Shadow Tracer is a rare stand alone thriller from author Meg Gardiner who is best known for her popular series, one which features Jo Beckett, a forensic psychologist, and the other, Evan Delany a journalist with a law degree.The protagonist in The Shadow Trace is skip tracer, Sarah Keller. Since the night Sarah sister was murdered and she was forced to flee with her newborn niece, Sarah has been careful to remain off the grid. For five years she has been living under an alias, raising Zoe a [...]

    7. Elizabeth A

      Sarah Keller and her daughter Zoe are not who they seem. After Zoe gets into an accident, things quickly spiral out of control, and Sarah and her daughter start running. Cults, FBI, car chases, shoot outs - the story has them all. On the plus side, it is a fast read and the pace kept me turning the pages. However, the characters have no depth, and a lot of the plot lines just had me shaking my head. You know how a snack can be tasty while you eat it, but after you are done you are left feeling e [...]

    8. Julie

      I read this book pre-publication by getting a galley from Towne Center. It's a plot driven thriller that definitely kept me turning the pages. However, there were things in it that were just not plausible. 1.) The whole FBI agent. What the heck? The writer had plenty of drama with the violent polygamistswe didn't need a crazy FBI agent too. 2.) Lawless: What the heck? I was never sure of the status of their relationship. 3.) I don't want to ruin the plotbut there was another twist I found silly. [...]

    9. Wynn

      Car chases, shoot-outs, hidden microchips, prepaid credit cards, throwaway phones, bad FBI agents, good FBI agents, polygamists, cult members – It’s been done a thousand times, but better. I would like this all if it were in a Lee Child novel. Other reviewers have described the cult members as “cartoonish”. I agree. With all her years of planning an escape if her real identity was revealed - with the phones and prepaid credit cards- plus changing her and her daughter’s appearances so t [...]

    10. Bree T

      Sarah Keller is a single mother living in Oklahoma, working as a skip tracer. When Sarah’s five year old daughter Zoe is in a bus accident going on a school excursion, the resulting tests turn up not only something very odd but also proof that Sarah cannot be Zoe’s biological mother. What Sarah has been hiding from for the past five years is now going to catch up with her and everything she holds dear is now in grave danger.Sarah goes on the run with Zoe, an exhausting flee through the south [...]

    11. Darlene

      All I can say is wow, what a tremendous book. Continuous non stop excitement that literally kept me on the edge of my seat. Several times I had to set the book down and walk away, just to slow my heart rate.Kudos to you, Ms Gardiner for an excellent, well written book.

    12. Tatiana Torres

      I liked this way more than i thought I would. the beginning seemed too exposional but it turned out well. time to find out if there is a sequel

    13. Annette

      The Shadow Tracer takes no time at all to pull you in, and it never lets you go until the end.Sarah is a shadow tracer. She finds people who are hiding out from the law -- usually to serve them with a subpoena. Her 5-year-old is one of the victims in a school bus accident, and when Sarah goes to the hospital, the doctor finds that Zoe, the 5-year-old, has an identification chip embedded in her neck -- like a dog would have. Sarah knows nothing about the chip, but she knows that secrets that she [...]

    14. Kim Hammond

      I read the ARC that I won on a Facebook contest from Meg.Meg Gardiner writes another fast-paced, action-packed novel. If you’re looking for a great summer read that you won’t be able to put down, look no further.Think you know your friends? Your child’s classmates? Your co-workers? Not everything is as it seems. Sarah Keller is a single mom living a lie in Oklahoma with five year old daughter Zoe. She stays off the grid as much as possible, uses false addresses, and has a “go-bag” read [...]

    15. Jennifer McLean

      I really liked this book, I'd have to give it at least four stars. I say at least, because one isn't allowed to give half stars, like four and a half stars out of five when reviewing book for , or Chapters/Indigo. My usual genre is mystery, as I've said before and this fits the bill. Touted as a thriller, I'd have to also agree, Thriller/Mystery hits the nail right on the head. Meg Gardiner has written a terrific book about about a main character named Sarah Keller and her young daughter Zoe. S [...]

    16. Hallie

      Meg Gardiner’s “The Shadow Tracer” introduces readers to Sarah Keller, a skip tracer whose prowess tracking down the larcenous girlfriend of a physician comes back to bite her. When Sarah’s 5-year-old adopted daughter, Zoe, is taken to the emergency room after a school bus crash, that same physician/boyfriend turns up in the ER treating Zoe. He recognizes Sarah. He’s not at all sympathetic to Sarah’s attempts to explain why the microchip Zoe has embedded in her doesn’t name Sarah a [...]

    17. Pamela

      Buckle up for a high-octane page turner! Comparing apples to apples - suspense to suspense – “The Shadow Tracer” is a hot mess great read. Meg Gardner certainly knows how to tangle and untangle a complex web of hunt-or-be-hunted mayhem. She does a wow-me job of evoking fight-or-flight emotions through creative use of characters and scenarios along with non-conventional backdrops for highly-charged action. And I appreciate the sparse vulgarity and gruesome detailing. That's a rare blessing [...]

    18. Jennifer

      I was thrilled to receive an advanced copy of this book. It's no secret that we love Meg Gardiner's books here on the blog. Her writing just pulls you in and doesn't let go. The Shadow Tracer is no different. This one was hard for me to get into because, knowing the subject matter and knowing Meg Gardiner as an author, I knew what I was in for. She makes you love her characters, but there is no guaranteed safety for anyone in her books. There are very few authors who write thrillers that actuall [...]

    19. B.G.M. Hall

      Gardiner's 11th novel revisits the same themes as her first, China Lake : an aunt races to defend her niece/nephew from fundamentalist religious cultists from the other side of the family. In this case, Sarah Keller has raised Zoe since the newborn's mother was killed, using how-to-disappear tricks of the trade to stay hidden, while her day job of skip tracer involves finding others who don't want to be found.A taut thriller that races around the mid-west, including a stint in Roswell, with a te [...]

    20. Lisa Stowe

      I love Meg Gardiner's books, and this one didn't let me down. I had to put a lot of trust in the author because of fear for one character. Within a few pages of the book I wasn't sure I wanted to finish it because of the risk to the character. But the trust in Gardiner was well placed. Once again, her pacing and building of tension continue from the first page all the way to the last. At this point I can safely say I'll read anything with Gardiner's name on it.

    21. Pamela

      As other reviews have said, this book starts off with a rush, but then turns into a series of eye-rolling coincidences and plot details. Here we go again - members of a "religious" cult want one of their own back. And, no surprise, there's a crooked FBI agent! The little girl Zoe is adorable, her aunt Sarah (mostly) capable, the bad guys incredibly bad. Not my favorite suspense author, and this one is not her best.

    22. P.J. Nunn

      It's been a long time since I enjoyed a book as thoroughly as I enjoyed this one. Working with books all day, I tend to become impatient but this one grabbed my attention on the first page and didn't let go. It kept me up well into the early hours two nights in a row and it was worth it. Kudos to Meg Gardiner. It's the first one of hers I've read but I will definitely read more. It's touted as a standalone but I'd kind of like to see more of this protagonist.

    23. Rick

      Mystery is not my preferred genre, but from the first page I couldn't put it down. Terrific story of a mother's love, and the lengths she would go to to protect her child. Meg quickly builds a quick clean suspenseful world, a resourceful and very human lead character in Sarah, and pulls her reader along for the ride. I hope Sarah, Zoe, & Lawless becomes recurring characters for Meg, because I'm fully invested and want more.

    24. Michael

      I like Meg Gardiner but this at best is a contrived novel. I don't buy into the whole premise and find the writing at best boring. This novel in my opinon does not reflect the talent and skill of Ms. Gardiner. Boring, dull and contrived.

    25. Alisa

      The characters were a bit shallow and one-dimensional, without any depth of transformation. Despite the ending, I don't think I'd read another story about these particular characters. But good for a weekend-type read. *Borrowed from Coe Library.

    26. Stacy McKitrick

      So glad I finished my writing project on Friday so I didn't have to feel guilty not putting this book down. I loved it!

    27. Michelle

      Why have I not read her before?! This book was such a good thriller! So fast paced and well done. Going to search her others now.

    28. David Weinfeld

      Very well done. A skip tracer does prime work to track down the real killer that her father was arrested for.

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