Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine Ghost In The Machine is a mature space opera romance with strong language some violence a good heaping of romance some steamy bits a few crazy aliens one very confused android an empathic girl w

  • Title: Ghost in the Machine
  • Author: C.E. Kilgore
  • ISBN: 9781500116484
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ghost in the Machine

    Ghost In The Machine is a mature space opera romance with strong language, some violence, a good heaping of romance, some steamy bits, a few crazy aliens, one very confused android, an empathic girl with emotional issues who tends to trip herself up, and a crew of space agents who seem to enjoy making their Central Director yank out her hair Love is like a wormhole You sGhost In The Machine is a mature space opera romance with strong language, some violence, a good heaping of romance, some steamy bits, a few crazy aliens, one very confused android, an empathic girl with emotional issues who tends to trip herself up, and a crew of space agents who seem to enjoy making their Central Director yank out her hair Love is like a wormhole You stumble on to it blindly, it sucks you in and takes you somewhere completely unexpected You can t fight it, because that would tear your ship apart You can t control it, either All you can do is set your thrusters on glide and let it take you where it s going to take you Going against the rules of her Vesparian Sisterhood, which seeks to keep its entire existence a secret, Orynn is thrown into the open by a request for help that she could not refuse Seeking to reconcile past mistakes and gain a forgiveness she feels she does not deserve, the control over her empathic abilities is put to the test when the darkness that lives within her spirit threatens to once again destroy any piece of happiness that she allows herself to find.As a Mechatronic Automaton, Ethan defines his world through a set of logically defined values and understandings Encountering Orynn throws his system out of balance as he tries to decide if he should trust the feelings he is developing, or if he should follow the logic telling him that she is trying to control him for some unknown purpose Should he keep her at a distance despite his want to bring her near, or should he follow the heart he swears he does not have As his understanding of her develops, he begins to question all of his preconceived notions about both himself and the universe around him.

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      190 C.E. Kilgore
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    One thought on “Ghost in the Machine

    1. Jonathon Dyer

      Science fiction, in all its multifarious forms, is a genre of ideas, perhaps more so than any other genre. At its best, sci-fi can make the reader question the very nature of existence or what it means to be human. Romance, it could be argued, is a genre of emotions; the best told romantic stories elicit from the reader a maelstrom of mixed feelings as the protagonists muddle their separate ways through the minefield of hindrances to finally arrive at love.Rare is the beast that balances convinc [...]

    2. Pippa Jay

      I'll admit it - I was originally going to give this a 4* rating at the beginning, but I'd probably say 4.5* by the end. Why not quite 5? Because of the head-hopping, my personal bug bear. With several key characters being introduced quite quickly at the start, I found it particularly jarring and confusing. However, farther into the story I stopped noticing it so much. I was so in love with the characters, the in-depth and intriguing world-building, the snarky humour, and the two storylines full [...]

    3. Patricia Knight

      ENGAGING CHARACTERS AND BRILLIANT WORLD BUILDINGI enjoyed the future worlds that Ms. Kilgore brings to life in her novel, The Ghost In The Machine. She structures multiple societies with depth and history revealed to the reader in layers of rich description woven into the storyline. I cared about the carefully crafted characters in the story, perhaps too much, for therein lies one of my chief complaints – competing points of view. Many characters are given a point of view and the rapid changes [...]

    4. Simply Sam ツ

      Deifinitely more romance than sci-fi and it was a bit heavy on the unnecessary angst. All this "secret keeping for your own good" melodramatic nonsense. I know this sounds like I didn't like the book. I did, for the most part, except when I didn't (which mostly comes down to the melodramatic overkill female protagonist) RTC.

    5. Spuffed

      I really liked this book. The world building and characters were great- well thought out, complex enough to be interesting and in general were smartly done. I was on the fence about a 4 or 5 star rating but ended up with 5 because of it's richness which leads me to believe this will be a series I'll want to continue for more great reads and I became invested in the characters. The first 3 chapters were a big information dump and I actually had to make notes about characters and places because I [...]

    6. Iza

      – This novel was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review –Book reviewed for theereaderjunkie.wordpressYoung Adult drama into space ?… When I requested this novel at Netgalley, I expected pure and simple science-fiction, or a kind of written Firefly/Farscape, space opera ; I got science-fiction and romance, or more exactly, romance and science-fiction.I’m sorry to rate this novel with a 2, it had the potential to be a lot better. The worldbuilding was [...]

    7. FridaMia

      First, the positive: pretty good world building, several interesting, if one dimensional characters. From the description, I had expected a space opera/adventure book. It's more of an emo romance. Unfortunately, any positive qualities was vastly overshadowed by the utterly pathetic female main character. She cried and felt bad for most of the story, in fact, her doing this was most of the story. Both in present time and in the large amount of flashback, she is nothing but a wet blanket. It's com [...]

    8. Ash

      I picked up Ghost in the Machine because I was specifically looking for a sci-fi/romance novel, and the title and blurb caught my eye among the dozens of choices. Plus, it was surprisingly free that week to download on . The story started off with a lot of structure problems: general grammar issues, tense shifts, and info-dumps in dialogue that should've been very well known to the recipient of said speech (AKA "As You Well Know" conversations). Despite this, I decided to soldier on and read pas [...]

    9. Leah

      2.5ish stars.The world/universe tha was created is exactly what I want with a sci-fi story. Everyone is an alien. And when you throw multiple races of ETs on a ship, and they jump from world to world, experiencing new cultures and how to navigate trading intel/goods I loved that. Plus you can tell the writer is pretty smart. Like, her verbiage on certain aspects (including the technicalities of the robots, machinery, flight, etc) swings to a smart individual. Therefore, you feel smarter reading [...]

    10. Charlotte

      I got this book as a freebee on and I wasn't sure how to feel about it at first, considering the aliens, machines and spaceships with a love story thrown in there somewhere, but I was pleasantly surprised. The author did a really good job of depicting this universe with all its diverse cultures each one unique and complex in its own right, each with its own history, yet each interlinked. the characters too were well developed and complex with an interesting storyline revolving around the two le [...]

    11. Sharon Stevenson

      ‘Ghost in the Machine’ is the story of an empathic alien woman, Orynn, joining a new crew for an assignment and developing a bond with their mechatronic crew member, Ethan.This is primarily a romance, and it’s a very well written one at that so I would highly recommend it to fans of the romantic genre, even if they wouldn’t normally read something that could be considered sci-fi, as it’s very accessible, with the focus on the characters rather than anything technical. Kilgore’s world [...]

    12. Jeff

      I wasn't sure how I'd enjoy a story that seemed to have love as it's central plot as it's not a genre I spend a lot of time with but it didn't take long to realize this wasn't just going to be some sappy love story. The universe is wonderfully fleshed out with complete with races, bits of languages, and customs allowing the reader to fully imagine the world they are reading about.The characters are well thought out and easy to develop a relationship with with a few moments, I must admit, tugging [...]

    13. Meghan

      This was awesome even if it is sometimes more romance than it is sci-fi. It follows the adventures of Hankarron (Hank), Brommrigor (Brom), Tara and Ethan as they are forced by Central to take Orynn (a Vesparian, who aren't supposed to exist and who everyone has heard horror stories/legends about) on as a shipmate. She learns a lot from them and they learn a lot from her as they go through their mission to help save a planet from a disease that can kill them. This author is a great writer and [...]

    14. Allie Ritch

      Pros: This book had great aliens/characters, and I loved the history behind them. The plot was complex and interesting, and it packed an emotional punch.Cons: The happy moments of the love story were so brief that I couldn't enjoy much satisfaction from them before more conflict came along. This was especially true when the book ended with a cliffhanger, to be continued in the sequel. I would have liked it better if the author had at least ended with a happily-for-now conclusion. This is nitpick [...]

    15. Coyora Dokusho

      When I read the description a couple of days ago I immediately wanted to read this. And. It. Was. Awesome!!!engaging charactersI cried!interesting plotI laughed!ADORABLE childrenskick-assery!epic coolREADING THE NEXT ONE NOW (after I start my laundry XD)

    16. Maureen

      I picked this up knowing it would be more trashy romance than sci-fi, but honestly. If you don't even know the basic rules of space (low gravity is not no gravity - you don't float in low gravity, if the ship lurches you don't get thrown around like you would in atmosphere, it's really odd that no one would be manning the bridge - not even an automated system to warn when another ship is attacking you) THEN DON'T TRY TO WRITE SCI-FI. I'm plenty happy to read trashy romances set on the open sea o [...]

    17. Michael Wood

      Very Good Adult Space OperaI am unsure exactly what the ghost is after reading this first volume. After all, the heroine is a former Wraith, and her loved one is mechanical as well as sentient. There are, as forewarned, very adult passages as the two find their fates. However these passaged are fairly well written and fit into the plot. Don't expect pornographic descriptions, but the descriptions are definitely for an adult audience. Aside from the romance, the story is a very good space opera. [...]

    18. Caro

      This was a pretty good read. I enjoyed the creativity and imagination. As well as the characters and their varied personalities. This was interesting, has suspense, emotions, courage, strength and growth. This was a page turner (somewhat) and I enjoyed getting to know everyone. However, I did not like the ending. It's a cliffy and I didn't enjoy getting that surprise. I am going to get the next book (it's free) but only to finish this one as I don't really want to read what that one's about. Goo [...]

    19. A.C. Flory

      Expectations can have a profound effect on how someone reacts to a story. When I volunteered to R4R [Read-for-Review] Ghost in the Machine by C.E.Kilgore, I vaguely knew it would be a science fiction romance, but I expected the science fiction to be the main focus of the story. When it became obvious the romantic element would dominate, I was disappointed. When I read the first erotic scene I felt uneasy because I don’t really like erotica.So from my personal point of view, there went one star [...]

    20. Leslie

      So good! Enventive and easy to follow with great plot development and lively characters. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

    21. Lily-rose Beardshaw

      C. E. Kilgore’s debut is a self-published novel, but there’s a buoyancy and playful good-naturedness shining through this readable text which suggests that, with a bit of editing, it could be pitched as a Young Adult novel for professional publication. It is the darkest imagery in Ghost in the Machine that’s also some of the most memorable – Vesparian children standing in a line as their heads are blown up, or Brel sacrificing himself to the “recording of a girl’s laughter […] on r [...]

    22. Sadie Forsythe

      I knew this was a sci-fi romance, but I was surprised to find that it was a romance first and foremost and a sci-fi second. The romance elements are a lot stronger than the science fiction. In fact, I kind of think they overshadowed it a little bit. I like a good romance as much as the next person, so I wasn't too bothered by this. I just didn't expect it. Though on rereading the description I probably shouldn't have been. I really appreciate that Kilgore was willing to explore the concept of th [...]

    23. Nicolas Wilson

      This review is written by Nic's wife.I enjoyed this, though there were a few aspects of the plotting and storytelling style that didn't quite catch me. The world is pretty thoroughly realized, and it's almost a shame that those elements take a backseat to the romantic focus. The romance itself is still quite sweet though, and it would have been a shame to omit or restructure it to allow more space for the worlds to be experienced differently. It's not heavy in the theoretical science end of scif [...]

    24. Goddess of Chaos

      Ethan and Orynn teach one another a great deal about living and loving.Ethan is a Mecha, a machine, until he meets Orynn he ha no true definition of love, and no idea if he is capable of it. Orynn is part of a long lived species that protects the majority of their secrets by concealing the fact their species even exists they exist by not existing, and one of their goals is to be forgotten by individuals, but Orynn finds that a particularly sad and lonely way to live.This story has some really ni [...]

    25. Hearts

      3.5 stars. Warning. This book ends on a cliff hanger. This read was all over the place for me. Because of my ambivalence I waffled a lot. I liked the world and the supporting characters. I am considering reading the next book but I'm on the fence. Mainly, I was having trouble with Ethan and Orynn's relationship as it played out. I just don't do well with extreme emotional gushiness. It was especially hard to read coming from a machine, I dunno, I felt like Ethan should have been a bit more like [...]

    26. Elle

      On a mission to discover the source of a planetary plague, the crew of the “Zera” is assigned a new member by Corwint Central to balance out the dynamic and keep them out of trouble. When Ethan meets the illusive Orynn for the first time, the attraction is instant but can a mechanical man and a woman who doesn’t officially exist find love?C. E. Kilgore’s “Ghost in the Machine” is a well written science fiction romance that I had a hard time putting down. The characters are likeable a [...]

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