Damocles Loul Pell is a middle class midlevel government functionary stranded in a dead end job and resigned to the loss of his ambitious dreams Meg Dupris is a traveler from a distant galaxy haunted by tra

  • Title: Damocles
  • Author: S.G. Redling
  • ISBN: 9781611099652
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Damocles

    Loul Pell is a middle class, midlevel government functionary, stranded in a dead end job and resigned to the loss of his ambitious dreams Meg Dupris is a traveler from a distant galaxy, haunted by tragedy and committed to a lifelong journey of discovery Literally worlds apart, they are two unexpectedly kindred spirits, whose chance meeting will be the first step toward lLoul Pell is a middle class, midlevel government functionary, stranded in a dead end job and resigned to the loss of his ambitious dreams Meg Dupris is a traveler from a distant galaxy, haunted by tragedy and committed to a lifelong journey of discovery Literally worlds apart, they are two unexpectedly kindred spirits, whose chance meeting will be the first step toward life changing history contact with an extraterrestrial race.Dispatched from Earth after being thrown into chaos by the prospect of human life nurtured on distant planets by an ancient alien race, Meg and her fellow explorers aboard the spaceship Damocles have found in the far flung planet Didet and the strange civilization that has developed under its seven suns the proof that will forever alter humankind s role in the cosmos But the efforts of both Earthers and the Dideto to forge a peaceful, productive bond may be doomed by two very human traits mistrust and superstition.

    • è Damocles || ☆ PDF Read by ð S.G. Redling
      180 S.G. Redling
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    One thought on “Damocles

    1. Anne

      3.5 starsThanks to NetGalley for a copy of this bookI enjoyed reading Damocles, but I'm going to bet not everyone will like it as much as I did. There are probably some questions you need to ask yourself before you decide whether or not to pick this one up.Are you looking for action, romance, or maybe a just good alien invasion story? If so, move on to something else.This is a story about trust and friendship.AwwwOk. Touchy-feely stuff is not my thing. At all. In fact, I actively avoid anything [...]

    2. Jaylia3

      I’m sure I would not enjoy the experience of space exploration in a search for intelligent life, but I love the armchair travel experience of reading about it and this book is exceptionally well thought out and engrossing. When the people of Earth find evidence that human DNA may have been scattered far and wide throughout the universe, a handful of Earthlings undertake a journey through deep space hoping to make contact with humanoids who may be distant relatives. After a long time traveling [...]

    3. Mariam Kobras

      Damocles - A Study in HumanityYou know how you start reading a book, at first you’re real slow, well-mannered and paced, and you remember to stop reading in time to make lunch or dinner, or go to bed? And then you get drawn in, and forget everything else, even making dinner for the family? Well, that.I missed my favorite TV show (CSI:Vegas) to finish Damocles, and when I did, my first thought was, “Oh no! Is she planning a sequel? I want a sequel! We never found out what that meant, with the [...]

    4. Maja

      What would happen if aliens suddenly appeared in our skies?''Whatever planet this was, there was life, and the environment was not overtly hostile to human life.''''Because we're all supposed to be friends. We're all supposed to like each other and respect each other and be interested in each other because everyone has a story.''This book made me smile. It was absolutely amazing and a good sci-fi story. I really enjoyed the journey of this story and it was a great experience to read it. I loved [...]

    5. David

      Damocles is not an action-packed novel. Most of the book is talking, describing the laborious task of humans and aliens trying to establish communications when they share no culture or language in common. The linguistics are not described in detail, but the process of constructing a bridge to translation is realistic.This is also a "humans are the aliens" novel, in which it's the Earthers who come from outer space, to the shock and awe and terror of a less advanced civilization.The setting the E [...]

    6. Dianne

      One novel I had read a long time ago "Contact" by Carl Sagan set the standard for me for books from this genre. Of course in that book as well as many others that have followed almost always have us Earthlings making contact on our own planet. This is the first time I have come across a book in which the Earthlings make the first contact and the planet they land on has not ever space traveled.This was a wonderful novel that kept me engrossed the entire way and in fact, I wish it were an even lon [...]

    7. Megan

      S.G. Redling is definitely working her way towards becoming one of my favorite authors. I was very excited for this book to come out and I was in no way disappointed. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from it after the fast-paced grittiness that was Flowertown, but Redling has proven she can write science-fiction based on Earth and in the far reaches of space. I'm not going to go into a plot synopsis or anything because I'm sure that's been covered, over and again. I just want to state why I [...]

    8. Sandi

      I've been really, really bad about reviewing this year. I just read and rate. But, I feel compelled to say something about this book. I didn't know what to expect going in, but I loved what I heard. Damocles is my favorite kind of science fiction novel. It's a character-driven first contact story that doesn't make it completely easy. It's a story in which the humans are the aliens. I liked that it alternated between the points of view of an Earther woman and a Dideto male. I liked the relationsh [...]

    9. Karen

      Re-reading this one. LOVE this book. I am not a big sci-fi reader, but if that's the case with you, don't let the "category" throw you. This book is a great story, which I always enjoy. I'm reveling in the second read through and am amazed by the talent of this author and friend.

    10. Zivan

      In the beginning I liked Damocles.The author did make his life easy by setting up a universe where life on many planets was seeded by some ancient alien race. So finding aliens that aren't very different from Earthlings isn't improbable.This setup allows us to exprience two first contact stories at once as the story is told from two points of view. One of an Earther space traveler and one of a native of a far away planet.I admit I couldn't put this book down as first contact was made.However as [...]

    11. Les

      A quick and interesting read. Someone complained about the lack of anything happening in the story. If your expecting big space battles, best you look elsewhere. This is the nuanced story of how two civilizations meet and establish communication. It's done painstakingly, sussing out one basic concept at a time. No Star Trek universal translators here. I found the process fascinating to read. Redling makes the heavy lifting of language interpretation interesting by endowing her two lead character [...]

    12. Jenny

      In this book, Redling gets to the root of good science fiction by basing her story around a single "What If?" and teasing out the possibilities from there. She imagines a first meeting between humans from Earth and humans (with some variations) from another planet. This concept has been done before, but I admire Redling's dedication to exploring what such an encounter might really be like. The resulting slow pace may not be every reader's cup of tea, but the fact that she forces us to stick with [...]

    13. Daniel Villines

      The idea of contact with an alien race from some distant place in the galaxy has forever been a science fiction plot. In many of these stories, the visiting aliens are necessarily advanced in their technology. As such, they possess the power to remind us of our petty differences and inspire (or force) us to broaden our perspectives. But what would happen if we were the ones visiting other civilizations? At some distant point in the future it may be us (Earthers) that journey out into the stars a [...]

    14. Shervin Jamali

      "Damocles" is a very nice follow up to "Flowertown," but comparing the two would be comparing apples to oranges, which I was guilty of doing about halfway through the read when there was a lull in the story. But I caught myself doing it, stopped and continued enjoying my intergalactic, linguistic adventure. There was so much charm sprinkled into this unique tale. It flows well for the most part and there is a certain degree of build towards the end that crescendos to a nice little climax. Highly [...]

    15. Michelle Thieme

      S.G you've done it again! Loved Flowertown, but Damocles is just wow! My first thought after finishing was "Oh I hope there's another one!" I spent years reading almost any science fiction I could find, (Anne McCaffrey was a fave), some I've collected to savor at my leisure whenever the sci-fi bug hit me and now I can happily add Damocles to that collection. I was happy to read from a few of the reviews that I'm not the only one salivating for another Damocles novel. Please, can we? Please, plea [...]

    16. Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)

      I’ve recently experienced a few of the ‘first contact’ stories in a row in written or visual form. Each of them had a different impact on me. Of the lot (which includes The Sparrow and Arrival), Damocles is my favorite. I think it’s because Damocles is the one that’s actually truly about first contact. The Sparrow was more about man’s faith, and knowing all the facts before we judge someone. Arrival was ultimately answering a question about knowing the future. They were each good in [...]

    17. Amy

      Imagine that you're a geek boy whose obsession with comics, roleplaying games, and the possibility of aliens has doomed you forever to a cubicle job monitoring ocean weather. Only, it turns out that when aliens do arrive on the planet that the government seeks you out because of a plan you wrote years ago about how to receive aliens. A geeky social misfit has suddenly become the most important person on the planet other than the Earthers who have newly arrived in the exact spot you predicted t [...]

    18. Eileen

      I gave up on this book (which is extremely rare for me). I was very excited to read it, as I'm really interested in sci fi that deals with our first contact with aliens. It seemed especially interesting that it was with other humans.But this book DRAGS. I got over halfway through it and felt like very little had happened. Granted, this is true to the "realities" of the situation, but I had so little investment in any of the characters that I stopped caring what happened. If a plot is going to mo [...]

    19. Rose

      While it wasn't as good as Flowertown, it was an interesting first contact book. Humans have discovered that Earth was "seeded" and they set out in search of our alien ancestors. What they find is a race of beings somewhat physically similar to us but socially different. The bulk of the story is learning to communicate with each other. There were a few storylines that never got resolved. One - how we came from a people who don't travel in space. Two - where the large shrines on the planet came f [...]

    20. Christie Maloyed

      S.G. Redling is working her way into my list of favorite authors. After reading Flowertown - a thriller that perfectly captures the nuances of small town life with elements of dystopian fiction - I wasn't sure what to expect from a foray into sci-fi. Nevertheless, Redling shines regardless of genre because her true talent lies in giving depth to her characters. Much like Flowertown, Damocles features a smart and complicated female lead, this time paired with a male alien counterpart. Redling per [...]

    21. Cheryl

      From Urf to DidetI thoroughly enjoyed author Redling's last book "Flowertown" and was excited about reading her latest offering. And it didn't disappoint.I love "Damocles." From its rich character-driven story to its dazzling imagery, Redling took me on a flight across the stars to the planet of Didet and I got to meet two extraordinary characters - Earth woman linguist Meg and Didato native Luol.This is a tale of two unlikely kindred spirits, finding each other across millions of miles of space [...]

    22. Amy

      This is a really great book about first contact with alien species. And it is told from the perspective of two individuals involved with this incident of first contact. One is a human female linguist who is on a deep space mission to discover new, aline worlds populated by species similar to humans. The other main character is a male from the "discovered species" who is helping the linguist learn to communicate his species.As it goes, this is a great book for someone just entering the world of S [...]

    23. Paul DiBara

      Certainly a unique story. As a reader you really have to accept much as given, there's not a lot of explanation of how, or why, a five person crew is being sent into the galaxy on some sort of exploratory mission. Accepting this deficiency, the discovery of a new intelligent species and the interaction between the humans and new beings is fascinating. The relationship and dialogue between Meg and Loul is what makes the whole book worth the reading. Loul, the alien, is really the heart and soul o [...]

    24. Cleary2

      A strong book with such an interesting backstory and plot line to follow. There was something so culturally significant about the whole piece that showed the interaction between two very different and how much language and nonverbal communication is necessary. A strong piece by the author and a complete story.

    25. Andreas Hasenack

      Light reading and interesting tale of first contact. Scenes are sometimes described twice, once per species, and the two points of view made me laugh several times. We *will* have a hard time once we encounter something truly alien :-)

    26. Valerie

      I really enjoyed this--first contact, as experienced from both sides. Big ideas, well explored. How to build language, communication, and understanding from next to nothing? Good character development. Recommended.

    27. Nate Richardson

      Explores the dynamic of first contact between alien races from each side. Alien race seemed a little too human, but that might have been kind of the point.

    28. Banner

      Sorry. At the end of the day I can not abide alien societies that mirror our own human civilizations. Maybe I'm missing something

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