Daughters of Darkness

Daughters of Darkness Love was never so scaryThe Night World is all around us a secret society of vampires werewolves witches and creatures of darkness They re beautiful and deadly and it s so easy to fall in loveThree s

  • Title: Daughters of Darkness
  • Author: L.J. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780340689820
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daughters of Darkness

    Love was never so scaryThe Night World is all around us a secret society of vampires, werewolves, witches and creatures of darkness They re beautiful and deadly and it s so easy to fall in loveThree stunning sisters with a secret.Mary Lynette stumbles across it Three sisters who are vampires on the run from the Night World But their brother is going to makLove was never so scaryThe Night World is all around us a secret society of vampires, werewolves, witches and creatures of darkness They re beautiful and deadly and it s so easy to fall in loveThree stunning sisters with a secret.Mary Lynette stumbles across it Three sisters who are vampires on the run from the Night World But their brother is going to make sure they return to the dark place they came from.He s ruthless, he s gorgeous and he wants to take Mary Lynette, too

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    One thought on “Daughters of Darkness

    1. Lucy

      I just reread this book, and I remember now why I liked these so much in high school. These books have everything right about them that is wrong with Twilight. For one, it's over three quarters shorter. But that's just for starters.Briar Creek is just about the quietest town imagineable, so when Mrs. Burdock's nieces, Rowan, Kestrel and Jade Redfern, move in next door, Mary-Lynnette and her brother Mark are obviously intrigued. They have good reason to be. The Redfern sisters aren't just beautif [...]

    2. Evelina

      Jade said ungratefully, squirming. "I may have to fight." She wriggled out of his arms and faced the bushes again. "Stay behind me." Okay, so she is crazy. I don't care. I think I love her.

    3. rachel • typed truths

      2.5 stars• I liked Mary-Lynette’s feistiness, and the way she didn’t take any crap from Ash or anyone else.• The romance was absolutely appalling. I was literally gagging at points because it was so nauseating. I’ve read the ‘cannot help but falling in love on first sight because we’re soulmates with a paranormal connection we cannot deny’ trope before, and done well, it can work really well – like in Rachel Hawthorne’s Dark Guardian series. But every single romantic ‘conne [...]

    4. Astoria

      What I like about this book, is the fact that Mary-Lynnette, actually has a choice, she could've made everything perfect and easy for Ash and stay with him, next to him, for eternity, but she decides she can not do with that kind of live. Ash was such a jerk on "Secret Vampire", and I honestly hated him then, but this is a new story, and he shows his true persona. I honestly loved him here. Mary is strong, and not so delicate. L. J. Smith has this thing going on ( which is amazing), and all of h [...]

    5. Kushnuma

      Ash totally reminds me of Damon from The Vampire Diaries and every time I read this book, I fall in love with Ash even more.

    6. Honistie

      As an adult reader I gave this a 2 star because some things were not very logical. The story was well written and as a teen I think I would have given it a 4 maybe even a 5. I would not mind letting my children read this book as the love relationships are based on emotions rather than physical appearance. The relationship between the characters are healthy, for example they do not have the male stalking the female or the female saying she is going to die without the male. Yes that is a compariso [...]

    7. Natalia

      Navah I agreed with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY about this book!!Twilight is a good book I think, and I DID enjoyo that sagabut Ash Redfern and Mary-Lynnette Carter are the ULTIMATE couple, like Romeo and Juliet and Angel and Buffy.5 Stars.BecauseThis happens to be the ULTIMATE book ever!!Best book in the whole world.;)Nataliax

    8. Javier Galíndez

      Tenía cierto miedo de volver a leer algo de vampiros y que no me gustara. Sí, así es, luego de Twilight no volví a tocar un libro de vampiros. Sí había tocado uno que otro de The Vampire Diaries pero por encima; para mantenerme al tanto. Hijas de la noche llega a mi y la verdad que me ha dejado con ganas de más.Tres hermanas vampiras huyen de una sociedad secreta donde todas las criaturas que una vez creímos ficticias (Vampiros, Hombres Lobo, Brujas y Cambiantes) viven en sana armonía b [...]

    9. Domika

      Hlavními hrdinkami jsou tři sestry s podivnými jmény – Jeřabina, Poštolka a Nefrit. Všechny jsou upírky, ale protože se jim nelíbí zákony Říše temnoty, které určují, jak se mají chovat, koho si vzít a protože navíc nechtějí pít lidskou krev (další upíři vegetariáni!), utečou na venkov za pratetičkou Opal. Za sestrami je poslán jejich bratr Ash, který má za úkol je přivést zpět.Při návštěvě pratety Opal sestry zjistí, že ji někdo zabil a rozhodnou [...]

    10. Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews

      4 Stars:The mystery element of the book is pretty interesting. The three sisters are intriguing, and Ash, who was introduced in the first book, does a turnabout and becomes a guy any girl would want to marry.Among some of my favorites. Outstanding literary work. The characters are well developed, interesting. The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable. The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting more. It has a fairly original or [...]

    11. Sakura Koneko

      After reading the first book in the Night World series I didn't really know what to expect from the second one, but I was happy when it turned out to be about vampires as well.Reading this book, I was surprised to see a character from the first book in it now acting as a main character. This is something that I find to be very creative of the author. Especially taking into consideration what an impact the events in this book have on that character's attitude and life. A character who is troubles [...]

    12. Heather

      This was probably my favorite of the Night World series. I just really liked that Ash HATED humans, but then much to his horror, he found his soul mate in A HUMAN, and I just loved how he couldn't fight that no matter how much he may have wanted to. And for a refreshing change, I liked that they didn't just "walk away into the sunset" at the end. These aren't the most spectacular, "blow you away" stories, and it's been a few years since I've read this one. I just know the way it made me feel whe [...]

    13. Connie

      Source: I own a bind up of books 1, 2 and 3 in this series. Cost: Free gift Title:Daughters of Darkness Series:Night World #2 Author:LJ Smith Overall Rating:4 starsThis one is my favourite for sure, I loved the family element of it. I really love how the sisters stuck together throughout this one, and I want to know more about Ash! I really did like how this was an almost separate story from the previous one but set within the same world.

    14. Amy

      (Im a spoiler(and 'spoiler' is just an understatement)!!Beware)-PERSPECTIVE OF Mary-LynnetteMarkJade.d Ash- Three runaway vampire sisters of Ash.Finding a new life in a small town of humans.And love.Ending: Mark and Jade are still dating.Everyone vampire are still vampiresmans are still humans.Ash has to go back to the island to talk to his dad but he'll come back the next year for Mary.Characters:Rowan: vampirebut part witch,Ash's sister,oldest of the three sisters(not including Ash),nineteen,t [...]

    15. Amanda

      Okay, I'm definitely getting into this series. This book was much better than the first. Not that the first one wasn't fun but this story was more developed, and the characters had a lot more depth. I still think the story moves super fast, which makes some of what happens not make too much sense. However, I believe that is partly due to the nature of the genre, and the expectations of an author writing in said genre to get to the juicy bits quickly. All that said, this was a fast read, and very [...]

    16. Tanaz Masaba

      This is by far my favorite Night World book. The plot isn't really anything great, but all of the characters. from Ash's sisters to Mary-Lynnette and Ash himself, definitely make up for it. Despite the lack of interactions and scenes between these two, Mary-Lynnette and Ash are my favorite soulmate couple.

    17. Hope

      Awesome! I loved this book! So much intrigue! So many twists and turns! This book is the ultimate plot twist! LOL! I never knew what was coming next and so many times I thought we were on one path and suddenly things turned! It was great! It kept me guessing! :-D

    18. Annelise Lestrange

      Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)The StoryRowan, Kestrel, and Jade know that they are taking a path of no return when they flee their home. The three sisters are well aware of all the risks and sacrifices involved, but anything in the human world is better than to live in an eternal bubble without any real living.What they didn’t expect was to have a nosy neighbor.Mary-Lynnette is a loner, a creature of the night. The stars are her best friends, along wit [...]

    19. HannahCassie (PSIloveThatBook)

      MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book! EXPECTATIONS: First of all these covers are so terrible, just look at it. If I saw this in the shop there is no way I would buy it. Fortunately I have three bind ups of this series and each contains three books so I don't have to suffer looking at original covers, the bind ups are black and kinda decent looking. THE WORLD: Alright so as the series title indicates it is all about the Night World. Which really is just a world of paranormal existing next to our [...]

    20. Henri Neto

      Mais um livro terminado a alguns dias que vamos fingir que concluí esta semana. Fazia muito tempo que não lia nada da LJ Smith, e fazia muito tempo que eu tinha este volume esquecido na prateleira, então - juntando o útil ao agradável - aproveitei que janeiro eu estava na onda da fantasia e peguei a segunda história de Night World para ler.Mesmo tendo um clima bem breguinha e New Age '90, eu adoro a ambientação das histórias da LJ Smith. A mitologia dela de Vampiros e Bruxas e lobisomen [...]

    21. Nikki May

      After reading the secret vampire I went straight into this because I really enjoyed smiths writing. The plot for this thankfully was a little different to the normal paranormal it was much more mysterious and I loved it. Three supernaturals come to a deadbeat town in the country and well bring a whole load of drama to it to. Jade seemed very innocent, bubbly and naive but I think that was very much part of her charm, especially for Mark.Kestrel seemed wild and fiery so like an animal it was hard [...]

    22. VampireNovelFan

      Book 2 of the Night World series, Daughters of Darkness, shifts focus to a new set of characters of the secret society. Relatives of James from the first book, we meet Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade. They are three vampire sisters who snuck away from home. Tired of the secret society, they want to try to live as humans out in Oregon. They move into a dilapidated old home, next to Mark and Mary-Lynette Carter. As Jade and Mark get closer, their brother Ash comes to town to bring his sisters back. Of co [...]

    23. Holly Letson

      Imagine living in a small town where nothing happens, and then suddenly becoming involved in something beyond your wildest dreams. Welcome to Mary-Lynnette's life in *Daughters of Darkness*.In this book, she sees the nieces of her neighbor burying what appears to be a bagged body, and she decides to investigate. But, she gets caught. In true L.J. Smith fashion, this leads to the sisters--who are vampire-witch girls--agreeing to form blood ties with ML and her brother, Mark.It gets even more comp [...]

    24. Fantasy Literature

      First published between 1996-1998, Lisa Jane Smith's NIGHT WORLD series was released as a ten-book seriesy the final book never arrived. Smith took a ten-year hiatus from writing, leaving the final book unwritten and the steadily-building story incomplete. But now, finally, the end is in sight. Simon and Schuster are republishing the series in three-book omnibuses in anticipation for Strange Fate the last in the series that has left us hanging for over ten years.Like so many, I was a teenager wh [...]

    25. Elizabethbeth

      Эти короткие истории такие душещипательные, убеждаюсь в этом во второй раз, и, надеюсь, мне предстоит ещё восемь таких

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