Naupaka Blooming

Naupaka Blooming Set in Hawaii and based on the myth surrounding the Naupaka flower a little white flower that only grows with half its petals this is a coming of age love story about second chances overcoming obst

  • Title: Naupaka Blooming
  • Author: J.L. Eck
  • ISBN: 9781530348084
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Naupaka Blooming

    Set in Hawaii and based on the myth surrounding the Naupaka flower, a little white flower that only grows with half its petals, this is a coming of age love story about second chances, overcoming obstacles and finding peace In ancient Hawaii, young princess Leilani unexpectedly falls madly in love with Kanoa, a commoner Even though they are forbidden by custom from evenSet in Hawaii and based on the myth surrounding the Naupaka flower, a little white flower that only grows with half its petals, this is a coming of age love story about second chances, overcoming obstacles and finding peace In ancient Hawaii, young princess Leilani unexpectedly falls madly in love with Kanoa, a commoner Even though they are forbidden by custom from even speaking, the two lovers believe the gods approve of their union and they try to find a way to change their fates But dark forces have other plans for Leilani and in a bloody confrontation the two lovers lives are tragically cut short Afterwards, the Naukapa flower, a symbol of their love, only grows with half its petals Many lifetimes later, the two lovers have a second chance at love when their souls are drawn to each other again in modern Hawaii But they must overcome old and new obstacles in order to finally be together and find peace once and for all.

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    One thought on “Naupaka Blooming

    1. Chloe

      Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.The first quarter of this book was a charming Ancient-Hawaiian Romeo-and-Juliet fable with too much telling and not enough showing. But it was sweet and I cared about the characters.The last three-quarters of the book were about modern-day Islander Liz, who is a reincarnation of Ancient-Hawaiian-Juliet (the ad here doesn't come out and say it, but the one on does, so I'm not going to feel too bad about spoilers). [...]

    2. Leah Speller

      When I read the synopsis of this book I was intrigued. I started to read it immediately and had difficulty putting it down. The simple of life at that time in Hawaii I can only wonder about. I felt pulled into that time as the author described how clear the water was, the brightness of the flowers, and even the poetic beauty of the dancers at the luau. I have never been one to believe in love at first sight yet again how it was explained and the pull the two felt must have been magical.I will no [...]

    3. Stephanie Becker

      EnjoyableI have just returned from a trip to Hawaii and this lovely story enabled me to remember all the sites, sounds, and experiences we had. The story really captures the Hawaiian culture and spirit. I enjoyed the story and O am looking forward to reading more of J.L. Rock's work.

    4. Susan

      I was grateful to receive a signed copy of this book from . I found it an enjoyable and easy read not only because of the author's talent but also because of the generous use of white space on the page.An ideal holiday read with the added bonus of the chance to dream about visiting Hawaii which is beautifully described.

    5. Luna Rugova

      If you love Moana or Lilo & Stitch, and would like to learn more about Polynesian culture (especially Hawaiian culture), this book is a perfect place to start. Naupaka Blooming, written by J.L. Eck, is a Hawaiian reincarnation romance story and also by far the most culturally accurate romance fiction I've ever read.The story took us back to ancient Hawaii and allowed us to get a taste of the tropical beauty through Princess Leilani's eyes. Proud and strong, she knew one day she'd be married [...]

    6. Janine

      An engaging tale that had me hooked from the start.The book opens telling the story of an ancient Hawaiian princess and her forbidden love and how both of their lives end tragically. It is the author's version of the myth of the naupaka flower. The rest of the book is about Liz and her adventures living in Paradise and discovering who she really is.Liz moved to Hawaii after she inherited her great-grandmother's house. It’s a chance to start a whole new life. She has no idea the impact Hawaii w [...]

    7. Kathy Dalquist

      I received this book free from . On the whole it was a good story. The beginning was in Hawaii's past where forbidden love grew between 2 different classes. Unfortunately it ended in death for both. So in modern time, Liz is the great granddaughter of an Hawaiian woman. She knows nothing about about her since her own mother and grandmother did not want anything to do with Hawaii. But Liz inherits the great grandmothers home and she decides to live there and start a new life. She doesn't seem to [...]

    8. Caprice

      I really enjoyed this storyThis story is based on a Hawaiian legend of two doomed lovers. While the story itself is very good, I gave this book 4 stars because I felt like the author was pushing her Buddhist belief system onto the reader by giving details of the life story of the Buddha, and really bringing the Buddhist scripture and beliefs to the forefront. This is also illustrated in the reincarnation aspect of the story. While I don't mind reading about different religious beliefs, I would l [...]

    9. Mandy Walkden-Brown

      A romance involving an Hawaiian princess, Leilani, from 1600 and a present-day accountant, Liz, who hasn't quite got her act together in that respect. But at least she's trying, even if she's not that successful in her attempts, yet, more frogs than princes appear to be around. The characters are realistic and likeable, the tenets of Buddhism that make an appearance are fascinating and the various plot threads are deftly handled. The tropical setting is beautifully described and was a wonderful [...]

    10. Suzanne M

      While I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of this book, the rest of it almost seemed written by someone else. The book opens with lovely descriptions of ancient Hawaii and the people who inhabit the island. We learn about traditions and cultures as seen through the eyes of the princess. The writing is magical. Alas, it ends all too quickly and we are thrust into modern day Hawaii and learn about LIZ, who inherits her great-grandmother's home on the island. From her we learn in-depth (and I mean i [...]

    11. J.

      It's a sweet book that weaves past and present in Hawaii. I love the stories about the legends and myths and the spirit animals! Eck does a good job describing Hawaii. I've never been there, so it's nice to feel the local flavor flowing from the pages.After the story of Leilani and Kanoa, though, the story runs a bit slow with modern-day Liz finding true love through online dating, and then meeting several other people before seeing her The One.Overall, it's a sweet story; not much on the action [...]

    12. Barbara Watts

      This is a story well worth reading when I started it I was not sure if I would like it or not ,as this is a fairly new author but after this I will be looking for more from her. This is the Romeo and Juliet type of love story between a young princess Leilani and Kanoa, a commoner,on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in the 1600’s until it goes to Liz a descendant in the modern day and her trip to the island.The is myths of the Hawaiian people, villains and reincarnation. I received a free copy of th [...]

    13. Virginia Ritterbusch

      I totally enjoy this romance novel with its twists and turns. The Hawaiian folklore and indigenous vocabulary added an interesting ethnic tone to the story. It was a fun and fast-paced adventure as well as a romance story. So true to life were the lessons learned by the character, Liz. If you are looking for a quick escape to paradise to enjoy the natural beauty of Hawaii, as well as a fun story, I recommend Naupaka Blooming.

    14. Rhonda Mayorga

      I found this story compelling and I was drawn in by the diverse characters from the onset. I appreciate the depth of knowledge the author has on the Hawaiian history she embeds and webs throughout her book as it is not only entertaining but fascinating as well. Her imagination and creativity shine in this novel. It is an easy and fun read. Liz was a lot of fun to get to know - I enjoyed her immensely!

    15. John

      What a fascinating blend of past and present, love and hate, romance and tragedy! The story blends an an authoritative account of Hawaiian culture and language with well developed characters and beautifully wrought word pictures of these exotic settings. The result is marvelous experience for the reader, who will often think back to this story, and the naupaka in bloom, long after the reading is done.

    16. Jackie Rogers

      This novel takes place in ancient Hawaii and modern day Hawaii. Is the story of young lovers losing their lives to the evil attempting to keep them apart. in modern day two other young lovers meet and fulfill the destiny of the first two. Is fraught with legend and religions and evil. Obstacles abound on the path and in the end good wens out. Is a fun read.

    17. Theresa Nowaczyk

      I won a copy of Naupaka Blooming by J.L. Eck in a giveaway for free on First Reads. I just want to say I'm going to devour this book once I've received it. That cover is really intriguing, too. Love it, just saying, I cannot wait to see it in person. Thank you.

    18. Amy

      I received a free copy for an honest review. What an amazing story. I love turtles, Hawaii, and the ocean. The contrast between love and hate and past and present was neat. I've always wondered about past lives. Definitely would recommend this to my friends.

    19. Haley Lossing

      TransportedI received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. It's really original and really makes you feel like you're there. I'd recommend for young adults and up. :):):)

    20. Monica Sarff

      InterestingBeautiful setting and interesting story lines. Gives rise to the thoughts of reincarnation and it's possibilities. Enjoyed the book a lot.

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