Harshini Medalon has surrendered to foreign invaders Tarja is once an outcast the Defenders have scattered and their only hope is Damin Wolfblade But Damin has his own problems the High Prince is dead so Da

  • Title: Harshini
  • Author: Jennifer Fallon
  • ISBN: 9780765348685
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harshini

    Medalon has surrendered to foreign invaders, Tarja is once an outcast, the Defenders have scattered and their only hope is Damin Wolfblade.But Damin has his own problems the High Prince is dead, so Damin must lift the siege on the Hythrun capital and defeat an usurper before he can come to Medalon s aid.For R shiel, time is running out She must find a way to bringMedalon has surrendered to foreign invaders, Tarja is once an outcast, the Defenders have scattered and their only hope is Damin Wolfblade.But Damin has his own problems the High Prince is dead, so Damin must lift the siege on the Hythrun capital and defeat an usurper before he can come to Medalon s aid.For R shiel, time is running out She must find a way to bring peace to the divided southern nations, to free Medalon from Karien occupation, and to find the strength to put an end to Loclon And she has finally accepted her destiny as the Demon Child, which means she must be the one to defeat Xaphista soon, before the Harshini are destroyed.But how can she kill a god

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    One thought on “Harshini

    1. KatHooper

      ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Up till now I've enjoyed Jennifer Fallon's Demon Child trilogy; her writing is competent (not beautiful, but competent), her characters intriguing, and the story was interesting enough. But I always had this feeling the same feeling I get when I watch my 2 year old daughter constructing a tower of blocks by stacking the big ones on top of the smaller ones .Sure enough, just like my daughter's tower, in Harshini, it all comes crashing down.R'shiel finally [...]

    2. Steve

      I found this book just as hard to put down as the previous two in the series. It leaped right into the action and built to a rather long climax. The climatic battle of the book was a little short, to my mind, but was then replaced with a second climatic battle. Some of my quibbles were resolved in the final chapter, which was more an epilogue rather than wrapping up the story. A few storyline threads were left unresolved which I would have preferred tied up into a neat bow, but I can cope with h [...]

    3. Erica Anderson

      This is the third book in the Hythrun Chronicles. Don't even try to jump in here if you haven't read the first two books--you'll be completely lost. Of the three books, I would say that this one is the weakest, but it's still miles beyond most fantasy out there. My major gripe is the structure of the ending, which will not please romance readers. SPOILERThe book ends with R'shiel confronting and defeating her nemesis Loclon. While this is a necessary plot element, I was disappointed that Fallon [...]

    4. Carolyn-anne Templeton

      I started reading this book a bit worried the last Fallon series I ended did not end as I would have liked, but the depth of this author's worlds and character keep me reading even when I'm upset with what's happening to them. The book started off the same. The say that I was a bit panicked about Tarja's change of personality would be an understatement (I might have cheated and skipped to the last chapter evil, I know.) However, the way she weaved the story and plotpoints kept me reading even th [...]

    5. Tiffany

      Well, the series wrapped up with a sense of regret. I did enjoy these books, and went out immediately to buy up the next series. The Wolfblade series is in the same world. Somehow, I feel this is the end of the story for both series. *Sigh*Good to get lost in, I really enjoyed this trilogy. The main characters were interesting, and there was less repetitive bores in the plot in the second two books. Really to see it come to an end. Let's just say, everyone gets their just desserts. So the ending [...]

    6. Maggie

      I think the payoff at the end of this book is so worth the chore of reading the first book (and suffering through the boring arcs of the second book). Love that wasn't! Mind-blowing one night stand! Really interesting method of killing someone! A+ revenge on a rapist!

    7. Tina

      Final book of the Demon Child trilogy.R'Shiel (the Demon Child) accompanies Damin Wolfblade and his new wife, princess Adrina back to Hythria so that R'Shiel can help the Hythrians accept the unorthodox marriage and to cement an alliance between the Hythrians and the Fardonyhans. Once they arrive, people are awed by the Demon Child but dismayed by the marriage of the heir to their throne and the daughter of their enemy. While R'shiel, Damin and Adrina try to convince them all of the necessity of [...]

    8. Josh

      I have a really big bone to pick with Jennifer Fallon in this book, other than the titles (Medalon, Treason Keep and Harshini) which turned out to be little more than three arbitrary elements plucked from the story. No, worse than that was the fact that she got halfway through the book before it dawned on her that the whole Harshini magic system was flawed beyond belief and that for the ending to have any credibility whatsoever, she was going to have to introduce a few more rules that had someho [...]

    9. Josh

      A fairly satisfying conclusion to this trilogy featuring the Demon Child, R'Shiel.Fallon continues to have a deft hand when it comes to managing the politics of the situation; there's been a lot of upheaval over the course of these books for the nation of Medalon and to her credit, Fallon doesn't ignore this. But the final rush to confrontation with Xaphista is generally pretty good, mostly because Fallon's character's carry the day when her plotting flags a little.There's a "twist" that was tel [...]

    10. Weirdology

      I was very bored with this book. I lost interest in the story by the end of book 2, but thought I would try continuing with the series anyway. I got about 3/4ths of the way through and gave up. It took me a little over a month. I think that's the longest I ever spent on one book. I kept putting it down. The beginning was very slow. I don't even remember what happened. When it finally started to pick up, around the middle, it was still pretty slow and also very predictable. I ended up just skimmi [...]

    11. Tea

      Where Treason Keep is probably one of my all-time favorite reads if for nothing more than the fun character dynamics, Harshini is a one-time read. Having first read Fallon's The Tide Lords I was sad to find that the ending of this trilogy was also unsatisfying (although, certainly not to the same extent).Once again it is the adventures of Damin Wolfblade and Adrina that gave me the most joy and helped me turn each page with thrill. I still don't quite understand how their distrust of one another [...]

    12. Lauren

      In this final book we join R'shiel, Tarja, Damien, Adrina & Brak as we finally bring to a close all the craziness that is tearing their warring countries apart. My big beef with this book is that everything was too easy. All of these countries find peace through the bullying and manipulations of a spoiled & arrogant child who, up until this book, was throwing temper tantrums & doing her damndest to avoid her destiny. Im sorry but it didn't sit with me. (view spoiler)[Like Damien & [...]

    13. ken

      The Kariens' god is dead and R'shiel has killed him.That's not a spoiler, since that's what R'shiel's destiny is, and she has fulfilled it. This was yet another riveting read and I could hardly bear to part with it. I read two hundred pages in a day! Which isn't that much of a feat, but I also found myself beginning to skim because I was too impatient and needed to know what was happening next.The Hythrun Chronicles is not a game changer. It relied heavily upon preexisting fantasy tropes. It did [...]

    14. ShariMulluane

      The focus jumps around wildly in this final book, and it maybe a bit too chaotic. The characters are still wonderful and fun to watch, especially Damin and Adrinna. The Demon Child rushes from problem to problem, often bullying her way into a solution, and not just the people, the gods get bullied around too. There are some very sweet moments in this book and some heartbreaking ones too. This final installment will take you on an emotional rollercoster ride so you best hang on tight. I even foun [...]

    15. Marie

      This is the last of the trilogy and if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about it's because you need to read the other two first. I have a subtitle for Harshini as well. It'd be: Can the people in the house please fulfil their destiny? It draaaaagged. In the end I just wanted everyone to get a freaking move on. Still, it's a good last installment, however, not as good as the first two. Too much is happening, some of it cramped and rushed, especially the fighting. I mean, I'm no fan of endless [...]

    16. Nanci

      Booklist says: "Book three of the Hythrun Chronicles moves inexorably toward the final battle against the god Xaphista and his fanatical followers. R'shiel has accepted her role as the demon child and, though still learning her great powers, knows she must defeat the god before he destroys the Harshini and takes all the lands as his own. Medalon has surrendered to the god's forces, and Tarja and the Defenders have been forced to flee into the wilderness, where Tarja hopes to join forces with Dam [...]

    17. Marlene

      First of all, I had a great time reading this trilogy. I pretty much devoured it in a week. Medalon was a bit darker than the others, and I liked Treason Keep best, mostly because of the pairings. However, Harshini the Hythrun Chronicles cuts a close second. Fallons witty dialogue, the believable characters, and the well depicted world she creates make The Demon Child Triology fun, exciting, and simply very enjoyable. Hence, I am looking forward to the other trilogy set in the same world, but ab [...]

    18. Cecile

      In this last part of the Demon Child Trilogy, the whole story is rushing to its conclusion.After her first battle of will against Xaphista, R'shiel is more than ever determined to get rid of him, and at the same time she's developing a bit of a grudge against the other gods, who messed up with her life. So she progressively comes up with a plan. Having the Demon Child taking matters in her own hands gets everyone else worried, but she's got a knack of convincing both mortals and immortals that h [...]

    19. Ashley

      This book was another excellent addition to the trilogy! I was really sad that Tarja falls out of love with R'shielle but I was so happy for her and Brak to finally be together!!!! I really didn't see that one coming but I thought why shouldn't it! I hope that the author continues on with her story and that she finds a way to bring Brak back to life. Or if not her story a story of the Purge when Brak was younger would be really great too!

    20. Kendra

      Take two!Read both trilogy sets, in order, rather then when they were written. Thoroughly enjoyed them, and recommend the reading that way. The first trilogy fills in the depth of one of the main characters in the second trilogy.Tons of info, lots of storyline. Packed full. The series took me about 3 weeks to read.

    21. David Phipps

      This was a good end to the trilogy. It went a little bit against expectation which is good. I did lose interest a little in this third book so it took me longer to finish it. Overall I'm on the fence about keeping this trilogy on my bookshelf now that I'm so much more stricter about what books I keep.

    22. Lynn Abbey

      Taken as a whole, this trilogy is above average. The good v. evil elements, while present and well-handled, aren't what makes Fallon's storytelling stand out. That honor goes to her main characters who are always true to their intelligence and their flaws. Fallon's dialogs are particularly crisp and she makes good use of shifting POV to reveal her main characters' strengths and prejudices

    23. Jenny

      conclusion of trilogy. so r'shiel has to step up and be the demon child, but has to give up humanity. how does she defeat the evil primal god patterned after the stringent moral beliefs of the catholic church? by a moment of pleasure with nothing labeled as "sin." one could see how i could take issue with the book. i do like the flow of her books - she doesn't overdo things.

    24. Micaela

      This is probably the best of the Harshini books, but Fallon's later work is definitely better. There are some clever bits for sure, but the ending wraps everything up a little too neatly. I'm glad Fallon is working on a sequel series to help remedy that. The prequel series was absolutely fabulous (Wolfblade Trilogy), with much more believable politicking.

    25. Jennavier

      This is where the series falls apart for me. Disclaimer before I start: I read this at seventeen so my reactions to it probably weren't mature. The writing is still strong and the characters are still fascinating. The ending completely lost me. Fallon chose to take the series down a road that I had a pretty hard time agreeing with.

    26. Katharine (Ventureadlaxre)

      I have a different cover (and mine is prettier) and I love how it shows what's going to happen whilst not being a spoiler.An excellent end to a series. The dialogue remains just as witty and the characters are so perfectly developed that it makes it almost impossible to put this book down. R'shiel is finally embracing her role as Demon Child and eee, it's epic.

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