Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

Our Choice A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis A co recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in for his environmental work Vice President Al Gore illuminates the real solutions to the climate crisis and describes a comprehensive global strategy to

  • Title: Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis
  • Author: Al Gore
  • ISBN: 9780307358066
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

    A co recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his environmental work, Vice President Al Gore illuminates the real solutions to the climate crisis and describes a comprehensive global strategy to implement them urgently.Our Choice will pick up where An Inconvenient Truth left off and provide a blueprint for solving the global climate crisis and drawing on Mr Gore s 4A co recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his environmental work, Vice President Al Gore illuminates the real solutions to the climate crisis and describes a comprehensive global strategy to implement them urgently.Our Choice will pick up where An Inconvenient Truth left off and provide a blueprint for solving the global climate crisis and drawing on Mr Gore s 40 years of experience as a student, policymaker, author, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and activist.Our Choice is an inspiring call to action for those ready to fight for solutions that really work including some bold initiatives that were deemed impossible only a short time ago but are now gaining support around the world Since the publication of the New York Times bestseller An Inconvenient Truth, Mr Gore has led than 30 Solutions Summits with top scientists, engineers, and policy experts to examine every solution to the climate crisis in depth and detail Our Choice draws on conclusions developed through those summits as well as on extensive independent research, describing how the bold choices necessary to save the earth s climate should also be the foundations of policies worldwide to create new jobs and stimulate sustainable economic progress.

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    One thought on “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

    1. Owlseyes

      Myth 1 Average global temperature (AGT) has increased over the last few years.Fact 1 Within error bounds, AGT has not increased since 1995 and has declined since 2002, despite an increase in atmospheric CO2 of 8% since 1995. *Swindle (noun): an act of swindling or a fraudulent transaction or scheme, anything deceptive; a fraud.--Al Gore's green investments prompt conflict of interest rowin: theguardian/world/200Paris climate change agreement enters into forcein: theguardian/environmeAs Macron is [...]

    2. Bobbi

      I liked this one because it helped me better understand both the fallout of global warming, say, desertification that squeezes out crop land, and clean energy options that can solve many problems. Gore's been accused of geekiness, but it helps here: He takes the time in this book to explain how PVs, carbon sequestration, geothermal power etc. actually work.I use it like a reference book, because I trust the information. (Some is dated.)

    3. Guy

      This is not a perfect book, but it is an important book. A friend of mine described it as a sort of global warming overview -- almost everything of relevance to the subject is touched on somewhere inside. It is written for the general public, but it doesn't talk down to the reader, nor does it unduly simplify. If you think you know all about global warming, you should read this book as a completeness check. If you know you don't know all about global warming, you should read the book as an intro [...]

    4. Olivia

      This book is great for young readers who want to help stop global warming. Gore explains what we can do to decrease the amount of greenhouse gasses in the air. As it may seem this book is for the adults who want to undo what they've done, I say it's not. Al Gore's "Our Choice: How We Can Solve the Climate Crisis" is great and gives you great ideas for changing the world.

    5. Kathrynn

      I enjoyed Mr. Gore's An Inconvenient Truth so much I grabbed this one off the shelf as soon as I saw it. Another winner and eye opener for me. Our Choice spun right off of An Inconvenient Truth in that the format, style, pictures, graphics are excellent. What Our Choice did was dive right intowell our choices on how to protect the environment. Mr. Gore explains older technology and why what we thought would be great didn't turn out that way. He mentions ideas he once sponsored and how--at the ti [...]

    6. Nina

      Since I was assigned to read this book in class, I didn't know what to expect from it. My general impression is that this book couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a textbook or a coffee table book. The information is sound, but for the most part it is dryly accounted (à la textbook style). The photographs are lovely, but inserted in such a way that they are distracting to the reader - actually, there are way too many distractions: inset quotes, tables, charts, and images that force you to b [...]

    7. Kip

      Make no mistake, this is a textbook. It would be a great text for advanced science course for high school or for college. The book is very comprehensive it its scope and covers all aspects of energy. More importantly, the book clearly defines the fact that there are consequences to the choices we make about our energy sources.While Mr Gore doesn't dwell on politics or economics, there is enough here to argue that the problem can not (will not) be solved by the private sector and strong leadershi [...]

    8. Dara Salley

      I really wanted to like this book. I like Al Gore and his message. This book, however, was dull. There is no way to get around it. It's full of gorgeous images and graphics but it's basically a partisan science textbook.I'll say this for the book though, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. I'm generally a doom-and-gloom environmentalist who feels that there is no hope for humanity. Gore is very persuasive in his argument for hope through science. Only time will tell. In the meantime I'm going to ke [...]

    9. Jennifer

      This book was a very compelling, holistic look at the current climate/waste/pollution problem that our planet is experiencing and ways that we can work together to fix the problem. The book had great graphics and explanations of all different types of energy sources and how we harness the energy, as well as facts on how sustainable and efficient the energy is. "The conversion of all questions of truth into questions of powerhas attacked the very heart of the distinction between true and false." [...]

    10. Ider Bayar

      The self described "recovering politician" sure has magic touch to words. Reading this right after "An Inconvenient Truth," I saw huge improvement in impact. Gore is truly an inspiration to the climate movement.The book is well structured, telling a seamless story of what is wrong, why we need to do something, and how to do it. It may be outdated but it still serves as an incredibly useful guide on climate change. There is almost nothing it does not touch. I realized many drawbacks of what I pre [...]

    11. Stefanie

      This is a book that I started to read when it came out about 10 years ago. The libary then wanted it back (overdue, bla, bla, bla). Now when I got my reading joy back, I decided to go to the books I left unread (oh, fancy!) and wanted to go back to.You can tell that this book is almost ten years old. Some facts feels a bit old, but when the book came out it was fresh. It is clearly aimed at an USA audience, but it does contain useful information regardless were you live.It goes through energy, w [...]

    12. SPANTA628

      I wish it really were OURS; I wish it really were a COLLECTIVE effort and awareness; I hope soon it is. I CANNOT even understand how climate change STILL remains a topic of debate in terms of its existence- it's outrageous! Oh wait, thaaaaaaat's right- America is fueled (sorry, I can't resist a pun) by BIG OIL/BIG BUSINESS/ CORPORATE INTERESTS. It's embarrassing; America should be the leader of the fight against climate change, not the major reason for it. UNITED (CORPORATE) $TATE$ OF AMURIKA ya [...]

    13. Christopher

      While the format of the book reminded me of the current trends in magazines and sites like BuzzFeed, where there's a jumble of photos and things to look at, I appreciated the side articles and photos. It all helped bolster the arguments that Gore is trying to make throughout the text. His explanations of alternative, renewable energy sources are well-written and help the reader understand what can be done to replace fossil fuels. I realize it's a trivial complaint but the actual, physical weight [...]

    14. Isabella

      Our choice: A plan to solve the climate crisis is a non-fiction book available in multiple versions including a paperbackversion and as an eBook that can be purchased as an app in the iTunes store for $6.49. The eBook version of Our choice is published by Push Pop Press and is essentially an interactive and enhanced digital version of the print version about global warming, and issues surrounding it such as sustainability and renewable energy. The digital version of Our choice includes video, au [...]

    15. James

      The only meaningful and effective solutions to the climate crisis involve massive changes in human behavior and thinkingd therein lies the problem. Wonderful as this book may be, as beautifully designed, coherently organized and broad in scope it is, I can’t help but be terrified. Not of impending disaster, but of the effort needed to follow Gore’s advice. The changes required of us are met by forces so fundamental to our culture that they pre date our country. Just as support for renewable [...]

    16. Serena

      Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis by Al Gore is not what readers will expect. The foreword is read by Al Gore himself, but the remainder of the audio is narrated by Cynthia Nixon and John Slattery in alternating chapters. Many will expect this volume to talk about how to save the planet, but some may mistakenly think that this is a practical guide for the average American. Upon listening to the audio, however, readers will quickly realize that it is geared at providing larger scale [...]

    17. Todd Martin

      With a new administration that uses science to inform political decisions (as opposed to distorting science to catapult the propaganda) Al Gore sees an opportunity for the US to finally take action to reduce CO2 and curb climate change. His new book 'Our Choice' looks at two aspects of the science behind the issue - energy production and carbon sequestration. On the energy generation front gore delves into many of the benefits and hurdles that clean energy technology (such as solar, windpower, a [...]

    18. Nicole

      I've talked about this event so often in person, that typing about it seems like overkill. So here are the bullet points.*The crowd was my favorite kind of crazy- flashing Gore pins and passionate about the environment, waiting in line (in the COLD) 2 hours in advance, entitled and informed.*The team was a machine. We whipped the millions of people through his signing line like a candy sorting factory assembly line. (Oh yeah, stew over that visual for a bit)*Al was just exactly like he is- stiff [...]

    19. Keith Akers

      This is essentially a coffee-table book -- lots of nice pictures, words, and graphs. It does not appear to be intended to be read straight through, and I didn't, but I think you could. (I mean, I've seen the movie, I actually read "Earth in the Balance," what more does he have to add?) I read the parts that were interesting, about 1/2, which was more than I initially thought it would be. It's a faster read than you think because there are so many pictures. You start on a section to delve into th [...]

    20. Kathleen

      I usually don't like books organized in columns with inserts because they remind me of textbooks which have an inherently boring quality. That said, this particular book was perfectly organized. The art--photographs, diagrams, and charts--were utterly beautiful. The information was substantiated, factual, and interesting enough to engross even those already knowledgeable about the topic. So this is a wonderful book about what people can and must do to solve the climate issues facing our species, [...]

    21. António Lopes

      This is the handbook that was missing in the "An inconvenient truth" feature documentary. The documentary was all about telling people how bad the planet was, climate-wise. It was alarming but it wasn't very informative regarding our options or our choices (we won't change global warming just by changing lightbulbs). This book fulfills that purpose by exposing every possible alternatives while discussing its pros and cons and it does so quite well (with a few exceptions).I read the iPad app vers [...]

    22. David Lu

      At first, I got "Our Choice" for a 4th grade birthday present, and I thought it was the worst book ever(which was a premature assumption because I hadn’t even opened the book). After a year I finally picked up the book, and I actually enjoyed it a lot! Not only does he address the issue of global warming and pollution, but he addresses it clearly. He gives us many examples of what is causing global warming so that the ordinary person may understand it without any confusion. It is also saturate [...]

    23. Sérgio

      Informative, clear, well written and effective at passing a message. That message is that human society will gain a lot from facing now its current environmental challenges, instead of delaying action. The first step is to admit there is a challenge to face, but by now that should be already clear to anyone interested in basing their opinions on facts, so Al Gore prefers to focus instead on the many different options available to overcome it. The overall tone of the book is optimistic, but it re [...]

    24. Kim Olson

      This multimedia version of Al Gore's Our Choice (available as an iPad app) lays out a nice overview of the global warming crisis. The eBook delves into various forms of alternative energy, and shares how each one works, including its pros and cons.Gore and his team did a great job of bringing this information to vibrant life via a range of multimedia elements, from photos and video, to interactive infographics and animations. The mutimedia helps are well-chosen and well-wrought. Animations show, [...]

    25. Lekan

      Great overview of the issues out there right now that pertain to climate change, but for a book named "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis," it says surprisingly little about any good plan. Granted, the audience is probably the general public, but if that were the case, I argue that it does not do an adequate job of expressing the socioeconomic and technological complexities of dealing with climate change, nor does it prepare the reader for a good educated discussion on the topic. It [...]

    26. Spencer

      This is probably one of the most powerful and mind-shifting non-fiction books I have ever read in my life. Al Gore perfectly informs us on what will happen to this earth if we don't stop all these emissions and the general pollution we let out into the air every day. It's a perfect story of cause and effect, our uncaring actions as humans will end up to be our own death, and Al Gore demonstrates this in such a beautiful way, instead of talking about the results and what will happen to human kind [...]

    27. Reid

      The most impressive thing about this book, more than its content, is the design of the entire package. The whole book is image-rich, with lots of large-font quotes and impressive photos. In a way, it really echos Gore's Inconvenient Truth presentation in its use of high-quality images and 3-D renderings of how hydroelectric turbines or solar hot water heaters work.The book, above all else, tries to show that there are solutions to the climate crisis and that the technology to implement them alre [...]

    28. Kate M

      This was a really pretty book, the photos and the layout and the size. (This is how you can tell I'm a bibliophile, I am giddy to find "pretty"books.)Of course it goes without saying that Al Gore gives accurate scientific information about climate change and all of the effects we are bound to feel (and most certainly will, as today we learned that we passed 440 ppm of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere; the tipping point was 370-390). If you want to read about climate change in simple and startlin [...]

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