The Kif Strike Back

The Kif Strike Back When the kif seized Hilfy and Tully hani and human crew of The Pride of Chanur they issued a challenge Pyanfar captain of Pride couldn t ignore a challenge that was to take Pyanfar and her shipma

  • Title: The Kif Strike Back
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780886771843
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Kif Strike Back

    When the kif seized Hilfy and Tully, hani and human crew of The Pride of Chanur, they issued a challenge Pyanfar, captain of Pride, couldn t ignore, a challenge that was to take Pyanfar and her shipmates to Mkks station and into a deadly confrontation between kif, hani, mahendo sat, and human And what began as a simple rescue attempt soon blossomed into a dangerous game oWhen the kif seized Hilfy and Tully, hani and human crew of The Pride of Chanur, they issued a challenge Pyanfar, captain of Pride, couldn t ignore, a challenge that was to take Pyanfar and her shipmates to Mkks station and into a deadly confrontation between kif, hani, mahendo sat, and human And what began as a simple rescue attempt soon blossomed into a dangerous game of interstellar politics, where today s ally could become tomorrow s executioner, and where methane breathers became volatile wild cards playing for stakes no oxy breather could even begin to understand

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    One thought on “The Kif Strike Back

    1. Bradley

      I have to admit I'm bouncing hard off these. I don't want to bounce, either, especially since Cherryh writes some of the smartest ongoing SF series out there. I think it's mostly the Chanur and the weird aliens in this sociopolitical mess, the discordant dialogue, the whiny hume, and the fact that the payoff doesn't quite match the amount of work it obviously requires to follow the plot not even mentioning the names.Wow. I must sound like I hated this.The reality is a bit stranger. I did like so [...]

    2. Lindsay

      This is a reread for me and part of the buddy read of the Chanur series with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group. The series is structured is an initial volume, a middle trilogy and a sequel set many years later. This is the middle book of the series and middle trilogy. It's also the book that definitively ties the Chanur books to (view spoiler)[the Alliance/Union books (hide spoiler)].At the end of the previous book one of the Kif factions has taken Pyanfar's niece Hilfy and the human Tully and told [...]

    3. Text Addict

      It took me a while to finish this one, mainly because it's difficult. A major part of the plot is "what are certain members of this alien race called the kif doing and planning to do?" and in Cherryh's inimitable way, the critters are so alien that they're extremely hard to understand. It doesn't help that the point-of-view character, Pyanfar Chanur, doesn't understand them either. Nor does that fact that *she's* also a nonhuman, although since she's vaguely lion-like she's a lot easier to get a [...]

    4. Peter Tillman

      Classic Cherryh. Reread just now. Love the Whelan cover art! Here's a better copy of the map of Compact Space:shinyfiction/cherryh-f"The t'ca [ship] left them, rolled and slewed off in a maneuver that made sense to a multi-brained snake." [!!]This is a hard read, with a lot to keep track of. As another reviewer here pointed out. Pretty much fat-free. Strong stuff.Cherryh commented that the first Chanur book was a standalone, but #2-4 were really just one novel, split into 3 for the publisher's c [...]

    5. Oscar

      La historia de ‘La venganza de Chanur’ (The Kif Strike Back, 1985) continúa exactamente donde se quedó el anterior libro, ‘La aventura de Chanur’, con Hilfy y Tully en manos de los kif. La capitana Pyanfar Chanur y su tripulación no lo tendrán nada fácil para intentar liberar a sus amigos, y para lidiar con los tejemanejes políticos al más alto nivel. Y es que se está jugando el futuro del Pacto. Mahendo’sat, Stsho, Kif y Hani están implicados. Unos ven una oportunidad de ampl [...]

    6. Melissa

      I had hoped to hold my review to the end of the series and write one review for all, but I started reading these in Kindle edition not realizing the last two books are not in eBook format! I immediately emailed Penguin. So strange that they would split up a trilogy like this. This series! The world building! She does such an amazing job creating these very different races, and describing humanity from an outside perspective. I love the space action and technical bits (how long since I read a ser [...]

    7. Lata

      Tensions and stakes are higher as Pyanfar, Jik and Rhif end up at Mkks. Once there, Sikkukut surrenders Hilfy to Py and puts the three captains up to an even greater act of piracy.Py, being a canny trader and a long-time spacer, and a hani with a great deal of sense and brains and little time to suffer fools, continues her prickly dealings with Sikkukut, Rhif, and Hilfy. While also combatting her own misgivings and prejudices regarding males. I love this woman, in all her quick-to-anger pricklin [...]

    8. Anna

      They say that you should choose the lesser of two evils and that better the devil you know. One would think that to be a perfect guideline when struggle for power between two great hakkikts unleashed a civil war among the kif species. After all, the rest of Compact space would have to deal with the winner, so it’s logical to try and put ‘your’ kif in power. However, for Pyanfar Chanur it’s not even a matter of choice: hakkikt Sikkukkut decided he would benefit from having Chanur and mahe [...]

    9. prcardi

      Storyline: 2/5Characters: 3/5Writing Style: 1/5World: 3/5This is the book that should have followed the first. The second, Chanur's Venture, should have been cut down to about a fifth of the size and merged with this one. This one as it is was a satisfactory continuation of the series.It seemed eventful in comparison to the last. Still, a large portion of the book is taken up by descriptions of communications coming in over the headsets and the spacer's duties reading displays. It is only with t [...]

    10. Ted Cooper

      This rating is for the entire Chanur sequence, as they're basically one long story.Cherryh throws lot of weird jumbled stuff from human cultures, arguably racist stereotypes, animal characteristics, and the general science fiction/fantasy trope of other cultures being obsessed with silly abstract concepts into the Compact sapient species, but 1) they're very entertaining to read about, and 2) she does a pretty good job of coming up with basic cognitive differences, following these differences to [...]

    11. Juushika

      This is the middle third of a single narrative. It goes out of its way to make its politicking accessible--moreso than most Cherryh and compensating for the opaqueness of the previous book, which is welcome, but there's a lot of politics and both the details and delivery grow repetitious. There's also repetition in the cycles of minutiae--the running of the ship, the relationships between crewmembers, the ways that individuals respond to various events; but, honestly, this is the reason read the [...]

    12. Norma Reasor

      One of my favorite series. On my have-to-reread list. I've gone through a few paper backed copies since the series first came out, and I'll read them all again in a couple years. Cherry's books are always fast paced and engrossing.

    13. Clyde

      Pyanfar Chanur and her crew strive to survive while caught up in a Kif civil war. This is good space opera. There is plenty of action which includes dockside fighting and desperate voyages between stars. The various species of the "Compact" work from limited knowledge and come into conflict as they pursue their own interests. The reasons for their actions aren't always clear. There is plenty of dirty dealing and derring-do and sometimes old enemies must team up to pull through tough times. Fair [...]

    14. Thomas

      I first read the Chanur books in college, and this paperback is from then. It was in a friend's basement from then 'til now.C. J. Cherryh knows how to write a space opera. Her books (the Chanur books at any rate) are thoroughly plotted and fast moving. The characters always seem about as confused, frustrated and interested as I am, revealing the mystery in dribs and drabs while cranking up the tension all the while. The universe the author has created is intriguing, fun and threatening all at on [...]

    15. Lynnda Ell

      (continued from Chanur's Venture)Yes, I gave The Kif Strike Back only one star. I'm sure you can guess the reason. Just in case you didn't read the first part of my review, I'll say it clearly. This "book" contains only the middle of a story - no beginning and no end.In the Author's Note, C.J. Cherryh states her rational for betraying her fans: the publishing distribution system made me do it, writing three good beginnings, middles, and ends for trilogies are too hard, and besides, the risks of [...]

    16. Lisa Flowers

      So nice to see publishers rereleasing classicsClassic science fiction at its finest; that's how I would consider C.J. Cherryh. And her Chanur series, with the intricate play of politics and being written from an entirely alien view, with the HUMAN being the unfathomable outsider, was an amazing leap in the 1980s which has well stood the test of time. Fast paced, intelligently written, with an extremely interesting non-human protagonist - this is one of my favorites from teenagerhood, but it is d [...]

    17. John

      I think I've only ever abandoned less than half a dozen books in my life out of hundreds read. This is one more. I got about halfway through, realized that turning pages was a chore, I didn't care one little bit about the story or anyone in it, and it didn't seem like it was going anywhere. The whole series should probably have been one book.GoodReads doesn't let me choose my custom shelf as the final resting place, so I categorized this as 'read' but only to get it off my lists.

    18. Lian Tanner

      A slightly more satisfying ending for this one, though I'd be deeply frustrated and annoyed if I had to wait for the next in the series to be published. The world of the story continues to intrigue me, the politics are more tortuous than ever and the main characters are fascinating. I'm off to hunt down the next book.

    19. Laura Guill

      So much seems to happen in this book versus the two previous, and part of that might be because the full political situation is actually explained. Enough so that I wish a bit of this exposition had been included in the others might have helped with understanding/enjoyment.

    20. Jefferson

      Brilliant. Good drama, language, writing, characters, and plot, all deftly woven in a tale which addresses big things such as friendship, family, loyalty, adventure, taming oneself, virtue, relating to outsiders, and politics.

    21. Jessie

      Of the title, C.J. Cherryh has said "Never, ever joke about titles: your publisher may use one."First read as soon as it popped of the presses into paperback, somewhere around 1985 I think.

    22. Devin Partlow

      The broken English is still making this a hard series to get through, but that hasn't stopped me from coming back for more.

    23. Julie

      D and I had soooo many in-jokes related to these books I did really like them. They are gritty sci-fi and I might like them even more if I read them now.

    24. Norman Howe

      The second book in Cherryh's Chanur series. My only quibble is about the title: an obvious nod to the Star Wars film"," and a hint that there are more stories to come.

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