It is almost impossible to say in the case of a palmistry or Chiromantic reading,  and indeed with any form of divination, where the psychic power begins and where the reading of the signs begins. Although we readers are well steeped in understanding of the symbolism of the palm, however, the reading of a persons energy, past and future (as well as present) from the signs the way that they express themselves in the hand is done by psychometry, in this case, the psychometry from an image presented over the internet..
Simply take a piece of A4 paper, cover the hands with a thin layer of ink, press them onto the paper and then scan the dried page. Email the  scanned image over to me for your reading and you will receive the answers to your question by email. It can be great fun! Remember to wash your hands afterwards though. Ask no more than 3 questions please.
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If you don't wish to use the keen or kasamba/liveperson services, you can book a skype or email reading  through booking the session at this email address.readings@nickdutch.co.uk   All skype calls have to be prebooked
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