NickDutch's training center.


NickDutch, the well known psychic and tarot reader explains some of the basicks of the supernatural, how to make results occur and how you too can find spiritual experience though his series of videos. However more detail will be found in his books that you can read at your leasure.

NickDutch's books will increase in number over the years to help more people understand the benefits of what Magick (something which is a perfectly normal aspect of nature) is all about and the benefits to you..

The supernatural, the occult and the magickal are skills that anyone can steadily and surely start to develop themselves. It does not require that you are a devotee of any religion, but religious type exercises are often performed to help the occultist to reach the desired state of mind. The occult is a journey of experementing with meditation, prayer, concepts and ideas and to find that which "works" best for the indivitual. It is an exercise of personal growth and transformation. there are no right or wrong answers, just ponters and suggestions that you can incorpirate into your practice. There is a self developmental apect to it all aswell, but there is no definite goal of development (and never has been!).

Please view and review the following videos and add the ideas therein to your modus operandi.



Introduction to magick 101